Lana Svitankova

It’s a Swiss Craft Beer Garden Party at Zurich’s Fork & Bottle

From our Love Handles files on the world’s top beer bars: In Zurich, Switzerland, the Fork & Bottle welcomes locals and travelers with brunches, barbecues, and plenty of Swiss and European craft beers.

Recipe: Ukrainian Golden Ale

The defining traits of a Ukrainian golden ale are its golden hue, a relatively high ABV, and a smooth, sweet finish balanced by soft bitterness.

Ukrainian Golden Ale: The Battle for the Fields of Gold

Ukraine has been on the minds of many people around the world for more than a year now—but that’s not why its national beer style deserves a spot in the global canon. Instead, let’s consider Ukrainian golden ale on its own merits.

Recipe: Resist Anti-Imperial Stout

This recipe from Drinkers for Ukraine includes grist percentages but leaves the strength up to the brewer—Jump Ship in Edinburgh, Scotland, even brewed an alcohol-free version, taking “anti-imperial” in another direction. We, on the other hand, went big.