Laura Burns

Video Tip: Appreciating the Intensity and Potential of High-Impact Aroma Compounds

The sensory experience of beers rich in thiols suggests that much more could be done with them, even with simpler recipes and basic ingredients. Laura Burns, R&D director of Omega Yeast, explains the potential.

Video Tip: Giving Thiols a Boost with Mash-Hopping and Malt Selection

Laura Burns, R&D director of Omega Yeast, explains how mash-hopping makes more thiol precursors available to biotransformation—and how malt itself can be a rich source of those precursors—so that even very simple beers can have exotic aromas.

Video Tip: A Broadening View of Biotransformation and Beer Aroma

Biotransformation is an expansive, complex process. Laura Burns, R&D director of Omega Yeast, puts the topic into context, raising questions about the conventional wisdom and zooming in on certain precursors that exist in beer’s ingredients.

Video Tip: Get to Know Thiols and What They Do for Aroma

Laura Burns, director of research and development at Omega Yeast, explains the impact that thiols can have on beer aroma—and why brewers and yeast labs are increasingly interested in how to unlock their potential.

Video Course: Maximize Your Hop Aroma with Laura Burns of Omega Yeast

Laura Burns—microbiologist, brewer, and R&D director of Omega Yeast in Chicago—digs into the science and practical techniques for maximizing the hop aroma in your IPAs and other hoppy beers.