Main & Mill Brewing Company

Video Tip: Know When to Say When, When Parti-Gyling

Denny Foster, founder of Main & Mill Brewing, explains why to keep an eye on the gravity of your runoff wort when collecting later runnings for a parti-gyle brew.

Video Tip: Malt Selection for Parti-Gyle Stouts

Brandon Bischoff, head brewer at Main & Mill, explains the challenge of choosing malts for a big stout whose mash will be used again for another beer made from second runnings.

Video Tip: Adjusting Mash pH for Parti-Gyle Brews

Denny Foster, founder of Main & Mill Brewing, talks about adjusting mash pH and water depending on what you're brewing via parti-gyle—and tools to make it easier.

Video Tip: Planning Your Parti-Gyle Gravities

Denny Foster, founder of Main & Mill Brewing, explains the flexibility you have when deciding how to split up your gravities for a parti-gyle brew day.

Full Video: It's a Parti-Gyle Party with Main & Mill

Brewing a big beer? Don't let all those leftover sugars go to waste. Get another beer out of that grist! In this video course, the brewers from Main & Mill in Festus, Missouri, demonstrate their method for practical parti-gyle brewing.

Recipe: Main & Mill Morning Session Stout

With this recipe, the brewers at Main & Mill are going for imperial character and mouthfeel in a sessionable frame, with this lighter version of their Imperial Breakfast Stout.