Precision Fermentation (Sponsored)

Acid in Beer: How the Brewing Industry Changed Chemistry

The world can thank beer for a greater understanding of acids, how they behave, and how best to measure them—and this knowledge continues to be of great asset to brewers today.

Category Controversy: What a Hybrid Beer Is ... and What It Isn't

From Kölsch to cold IPA, American brewers, scientists, and aficionados are viewing the old ale-lager dichotomy as increasingly misleading—and what matters, in the end, is what we taste in the glass.

Identifying Issues with Your Yeast: A Look at Fermentation Data Curves

Tracking what’s happening inside your fermentors in real time is the best way to know when you have an issue with your yeast, what’s causing it, and how to fix it—ideally, without losing beer. These data curves help demonstrate how.

Water Chemistry for Brewers: How Climate Change Is Interfering with Your Most Important Ingredient

Drought and variability in local water conditions are leading to headaches for brewers, but there are ways to stay on top of your water’s composition.

How Yeast Pitching Rates Affect Beer Fermentation

Here’s a useful primer on pitching and pitch rates—plus, info on where to dive deeper for more technical details you can apply in your own brewery.

The Causes and Effects of Hop Creep—and How to Prevent It

The dry-hopping techniques often used for today’s IPAs can lead to spikes in diacetyl, attenuation, and other issues. Here are ways to avoid it—from different hopping methods to detailed quality control analysis.

Ferment Hot, Fast, and Clean Beer with Kveik Norwegian Farmhouse Strains

Brewers are unleashing the potential of these super-yeasts, taking advantage of rapid fermentation to turn around tanks more quickly. Because it happens fast, repeatability requires vigilant data collection.

Yeast Harvesting: Best (& Worst) Practices, and How to Know When It’s Time to Pitch Fresh Yeast

These simple techniques will help you get more generations from your yeast through healthy fermentations that are good for your beer and your bottom line.