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Breakout Brewer: Métier

In the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, the people behind Métier Brewing believe that great beer is a bridge to more equitable, connected communities. This year, they’re taking that mission to the masses.

Kate Bernot May 31, 2022 - 9 min read

Breakout Brewer: Métier Primary Image

Cofounder and CEO Rodney Hines pours a beer in the Métier taproom Photos: William Munoz Photo

Plenty of breweries say they want to help strengthen their communities, but few can show as much expertise, commitment, and follow-through in that area as Métier Brewing. Everything from where the beer is sold to who creates the artwork to the choice of general contractors reflects the brewery’s mission: “Brew damn good beer and build stronger community to inspire bigger dreams for all.”

Before opening Métier in 2018, cofounder and CEO Rodney Hines had a career in nonprofit organizing, community development, and corporate citizenship. Critically, he also had a homebrewing interest going back to his college years. Years later, when his cycling trainer at Métier Racing and Coffee, Todd Herriott, mentioned a brewery for sale a half-hour’s drive from Seattle in Woodinville, Washington, Hines saw an opportunity. During a semester spent in London during college, he’d experienced how beer could power more than just relaxation.

“It’s fascinating to see how art, conversation, and dialogue happen in a pub,” Hines says. “I go back to the civil rights movement, and how those conversations sparked and were maintained in churches and basements and kitchens, and I think about the relationships between space, connection, dialogue, and action.”

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