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Recipe: Ghostfish Power to the People Lager

As Black History Month draws to a close, Ghostfish brewer Tae Caldwell shares this gluten-free lager recipe inspired by Peoples Brewery, one of the country’s first Black-owned breweries.

Tae Caldwell Feb 24, 2022 - 6 min read

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Photo: Courtesy Ghostfish Brewing

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Representation matters—we’ve all heard it. When I think of the phrase, I think about the stories of my great-grandmother, Honeywood, homebrewing. Those are stories that I learned from family once I had taken on the passion of brewing myself. Those stories told me that this path and this passion may have been a little more ingrained in my DNA than I had previously thought.

I began this project because I wanted to dive deeper into the history of Black pioneers in beer and liquor—pioneers who never got the attention they deserved at the time. I wanted to celebrate their innovations and contributions to a field that I have grown to love and call home.

Also, as a brewer at Seattle’s Ghostfish—where we specialize in making award-winning gluten-free beers—I thought this was an amazing opportunity to showcase the range of these non-traditional, non-gluten malts, and how they can make all the tasty barley-driven styles that we know and love.

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