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Recipe: Forks in the Road Loral Saison/Lager

Here’s an example of split-batch brewing, with a batch that diverges post-boil to become both a hoppy lager and a saison. It's also a SMASH brew—single malt, single hop—leaning into German pilsner and lovely, lemony Loral.

Recipe: Tannery Run Fire Book Master Festbier/Black-Tea Dubbel

To show what’s possible with “splatch” or split-batch brewing, Tannery Run head brewer Tim Brown shares this recipe for a brew that divides immediately after the boil to walk the divergent paths of a festbier lager and a tea-infused Belgian-style dubbel.

BY: Tim Brown

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Recipe: De Ranke Guldenberg Tripel

When the De Ranke brewery opened in 1994 as part of a new wave of Belgian microbreweries, its first beer was a beer inspired by Westmalle Tripel, Orval, and brewer Nino Bacelle’s love of hops.

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Recipe: White Elm Fluffaluffagus

Want to get messy with marshmallow? This hefty imperial stout recipe from White Elm Brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska, includes marshmallows in the kettle and coconut toasties in the fermentor.

Recipe: Schwarzwald Schwarzbier

With this fresh recipe from his Make Your Best series, Josh Weikert goes for relatively restrained roast in this dark lager—and you can tinker with it from there.

Recipe: Bent Brewstillery Fi Dem Jamaican-Style Stout

From Kristen England, grand master BJCP judge and head brewer at Bent Brewstillery in Roseville, Minnesota, comes this recipe inspired by Jamaica’s Dragon and other tropical stouts.

Recipe: Burnt City Kveik Minded Hazy IPA

When following this recipe based on a kveik-fermented IPA from Chicago’s Burnt City Brewing, don’t leave out the most crucial step: the gjærkauk, i.e., screaming loudly while pitching the yeast, to scare the ghosts away.

Recipe: Extract the Juice, Then Drink the Beer

Here is an easy-to-brew, extract-based juicy IPA best consumed fresh.

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Recipe: Burning Beard In Praise of Bacchus

Here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Burning Beard’s spontaneously fermented lambic-style beer. Including a turbid mash schedule and long boil, it’s inspired by the traditional methods followed by Belgian lambic brewers.

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Recipe: Beachwood American Black Ale

Julian Shrago, cofounder and brewmaster of Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in Huntington Beach, California, shares this homebrew recipe for a hoppy dark IPA similar to their award-winning Beachwood Hoppa Emeritus.