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Recipe: Fidens Jasper Double IPA

Courtesy of Fidens cofounder and head brewer Steve Parker, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Jasper—the first double IPA brewed at Fidens and an all-Citra showcase that remains among their most popular beers.

Recipe: Sahara Saison

No need for spices when hops and yeast can do the trick, and an attenuation-monster yeast strain helps to complete the profile for this big but dry saison.

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Recipe: 21st Amendment Woolen Socks Cold IPA

Courtesy of Shaun O’Sullivan and the team at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, here’s a recipe for their take on cold IPA.

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Recipe: Halfway Crooks Pintje Pils

“Pintje is an homage to the type of pilsners brewed in Belgium,” says Joran Van Ginderachter, the Belgian-born cofounder of Halfway Crooks Beer in Atlanta.

Recipe: Resist Anti-Imperial Stout

This recipe from Drinkers for Ukraine includes grist percentages but leaves the strength up to the brewer—Jump Ship in Edinburgh, Scotland, even brewed an alcohol-free version, taking “anti-imperial” in another direction. We, on the other hand, went big.

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Recipe: Dovetail Czech Dark Lager

With thanks to brewer Jenny Pfäfflin and the team at Chicago’s Dovetail, here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for the tmavé pivo that they like to call their “Pilsner in a sweater.”

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Recipe: Cellarmaker Mt. Nelson Pale Ale

Mt. Nelson, says Cellarmaker cofounder and head brewer Tim Sciascia, is “one of our most popular pale ales and a perfect representation of the hazy West Coast style. We love showcasing Nelson Sauvin in this aromatic, off-dry, and crushable 5.7 percent ABV package.”

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Recipe: Pivovar Hostomice Fabián 14°P Tmavé Pivo

“What’s important is that the beer is not overly sweet,” says Štěpán Kříž at Pivovar Hostomice in Czechia. “That’s the most important thing that we’re trying to do. The fullness of the dark malts has to be balanced with hops.”

Recipe: Bygland For the Love of Kveik

From remote Setesdal, Norway, this recipe comes from a special series of beers dedicated to honoring different kveik cultures and the farms and traditions from whence they come.

Recipe: Annie’s Rice & Easy Lager

Here’s an elegant homebrew recipe for a super-lean and dry rice lager, ideal for warm summer nights or enjoying with virtually any meal.