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IPA Recipe

Hoppy Thing Recipe

Tree House Brewing Company Cofounder and Head Brewer Nate Lanier provided this IPA recipe.

Middle o’ Next Week IPA Recipe

Slightly sweet and very smooth, Jeff Clough’s IPA was awarded Best of Show at the 2012 Deschutes County Fair.

Star of Citria IPA Recipe

Spice up an IPA with star anise and orange zest.

La Cumbre Brewing’s Elevated IPA Recipe

Try this recipe for a honed-in IPA that dominates its local market and took home a gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival.

Citra IPA Recipe

This is a delightful extract IPA with a light maltiness that profiles the Citra hops’s tropical fruit flavor and aroma.

Captain Cook’s Strait Up DIPA Recipe

This unique imperial IPA pairs a light malt bill with loads of late kettle hops from the southern hemisphere.

No-Math Parti-Gyle Old Ale, IPA, and ESB Recipe

From simplest recipe to myriad outcomes, flexible parti-gyle style.

CB&B Hopback IPA Recipe

Want to test hopbacking versus knockout hopping on your own?

A recipe for historic Burton IPA

A fellow homebrewer and I decided to brew a recipe that might approximate (even if only in spirit) the original IPAs from Burton-upon-Trent.

New Year IPA Recipe

A balanced, yet aggresive IPA that showcases the citrus aroma of Amarillo hops