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Editors’ Picks: Small-Scale Spunding

Fermenting under pressure is all the rage, whether to reduce ester production at warmer (faster) temperatures or to grab beautifully tight, natural carbonation from your yeast pitch’s last exhale.

Jamie Bogner Jan 13, 2023 - 1 min read

Editors’ Picks: Small-Scale Spunding Primary Image

Photos: Courtesy Ss Brewtech (left); courtesy Spike Brewing (Right)

Pro-grade equipment to manage pressure has filtered down to the homebrew and nano scale, and these two units will get you spunding with style.

Ss Brewtech Sspunding Valve Adjustable PRV


Two models offer varying levels of convenience—if cost is a priority, the non-scaled version will get you into the game safely at a lower price point. Or, splurge on the scaled model for direct pressure measurement and the handy quick-depressurizing plunger. For tanks over 3.5 bbl, try the pro model.

Spike All-In-One PRV

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