Editors’ Picks: Delta Faucet Glass Rinser

Want a rinser to help ensure you have “beer clean” glassware at home? Here’s a reasonably priced option tested and appreciated by our editors.

Jamie Bogner Jan 23, 2021 - 2 min read

Editors’ Picks: Delta Faucet Glass Rinser Primary Image

$99 in plastic, $209 in metal,

In my never-ending quest for products that improve home beer service without breaking the bank, I came across this glass rinser from Delta Faucet. It’s made for the mainstream, and it can even be found in the larger do-it-yourself big box stores. Priced accessibly for just about anyone, the entry-level model is only a hundred bucks, and the metal-bodied unit comes in at about twice that.

Like so many of us spending more hours at home these days, I love a good project, and installation was definitely that—not for the faint of heart. While it’s rather simple in principle, in practice, getting up and into the cabinet under my deep sink required significant dexterity and the ability to work by feel. However, attaching it to the existing plumbing was a breeze.

Operating it couldn’t be easier—just press a glass onto the spider, and jets of cold water rinse your glass. Three months into using it, I’ve had no issues—no errant jets, no water going places it shouldn’t, no leaks in the system—and the fresh, cool rinse ensures that my glasses are “beer clean” for every pour. It’s a useful addition for the kitchen or home bar of any beer drinker.

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