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Editors' Picks: From New Hops to Smart Airlocks

Our editors are always on the lookout for new products of interest to brewers and beer enthusiasts. From Sultana to Plaato, here are our picks from the October-November 2019 issue.

Craft Beer & Brewing Staff Nov 23, 2019 - 6 min read

Editors' Picks: From New Hops to Smart Airlocks Primary Image

X06277 “Denali” Gets a Proper Name as Hopsteiner Sultana

“New” hops are being named at a breakneck pace as hops growers and brokers try to keep up with brewers’ and drinkers’ desire for new and exciting flavors. The latest to move from experimental to name brand, Hopsteiner’s Sultana (formerly experimental hop #06277 and known briefly as Denali) claims parentage from Nugget, Zeus, and a USDA experimental hop and produces flavors described as pineapple and bright citrus with a resinous pine note as well.

The high oil content (2.5–4.0 ml/100g) makes for hops that pack a decent punch within an overall blend, and the high yield (significantly higher than many other popular aroma varieties) makes it agronomically efficient for growers.

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