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Home (Beer), Sweet Home (Gear)

Among the many takeaways of the pandemic: Drinking beer at home can be a real pleasure. Here, our Gearhead considers some of the gadgets, equipment, and other improvements that can help make your beer-house a beer-home.

John M. Verive Nov 25, 2022 - 17 min read

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Photo: Matt Graves

A big driver in craft beer’s growth has been the public drinking experience in bars, brewpubs, and taprooms across the country. These venues offer real variety and, often, passionate staff who can help guide intrepid drinkers toward new flavor experiences. With well-tuned draft systems, deep beer lists, and deep beer knowledge on tap, such destinations have long been the best places to drink craft beer.

So, what happens when the drinker is forced into isolation and there must navigate the seas of beer alone?

Many of us are drinking at home more often these days. Between the lingering pandemic, the closures of several of my favorite places to drink, and the inflationary realities of $12 pints, nights out at the bar have become rare indeed. The beer still flows—but it’s most often enjoyed on the comfort of my couch.

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