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Greatest Drinkability: The Bavarian Brewer's Art

In the foothills of the Alps, Schönramer Brewmaster Eric Toft is a tinkerer and fine-tuner of highly addictive lagers.

Joe Stange Apr 6, 2020 - 21 min read

Greatest Drinkability: The Bavarian Brewer's Art Primary Image

Above left: Eric Toft, Schönramer brewmaster, with a Surtaler Schankbier (a 3.5 percentABV session lager) at the brewery’s pub in Schönram. Above right: Amid brewery expansion and Alpine backdrop, workers take a beer break in the shade.

We could start at the beginning—with the careful selection of ingredients, for example. Instead, we’re going to do this differently and start at the end—at the point of consumption.

Yes, let’s start with the drinking.

The Bavarians, you might have heard, drink a lot of beer. Per capita, the Czechs next door are the undisputed champs, drinking about 143 liters (or almost 38 gallons) per person each year. After them, Germans and Austrians are neck-and-neck at about 104 liters.

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