In the Cellar: Saving for the Future

Only time will tell, but these 4 modern barleywines are currently your best bet for cellaring.

Patrick Dawson May 25, 2015 - 2 min read

In the Cellar: Saving for the Future Primary Image

In “19th-Century Beer in a 21st-Century World,” Patrick Dawson tells the story of a very old bottle of beer: the vaunted _Ratcliff Ale, _a barleywine brewed by Bass in 1869. The story made us wonder whether there are beers being brewed now that will age as well as a Bass Corker? A young Ratcliff in the making, perhaps?

Only time will tell, but Patrick suggests four modern barleywines to add to your cellar.


Schloss Eggenberg (Vorchdorf, Austria)

This Austrian barleywine is brewed annually at Christmas time. Each year that passes helps transform this beer’s initially boozy fusels into the ultimate holiday treat.



Hair of the Dog (Portland, Oregon)

Brewmaster Alan Sprint’s classic old Germanic barleywine has the fruity character and rich malt base to create a plum pudding of a beer as the years tick by.

Harvest Ale

J.W. Lees (North Manchester, England)

With heaping amounts of residual sugars, this English bruiser should have a lasting body generations from now.


Avery Brewing (Boulder, Colorado)

At 16 percent ABV and overflowing with English yeast notes, this behemoth of an English barleywine has its bags packed for a long journey with Father Time.

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