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Brewing Alsatian-Style Pilsner with Notch

C’est quoi? First there was “Italian-style” pils, and now there’s a French one? Chris Lohring, founder and head brewer at lager-centric Notch in Salem, Massachusetts, describes the background and elements of their Bière d’Alsace.

Chris Lohring Nov 4, 2021 - 5 min read

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I don’t understand “Mexican lager” or “Italian pils” being called those things when brewed in the United States. When you no longer brew them in Italy or Mexico, both of those are simply German-influenced beers. So, when I saw “French pils,” I thought the same at first—here we go again.

But there are key aspects here that differentiate French, or more accurately Alsatian-style, pils: French pilsner malt, Alsatian hops, cereal mash, and decoction.

Our Bière d’Alsace is really driven by the French pils malt and Strisselspalt hops. Both have a unique character that sets this beer apart. Then you layer in decoction and a cereal mash, and you have something truly unique.

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