Bank on the Ales and Pies at Glasgow’s Shilling

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: In Glasgow, Scotland, Shilling supplements a few house-brewed ales with more than two dozen rotating taps, plus pizzas that might feature haggis or black pudding.

Don Tse Apr 4, 2023 - 2 min read

Bank on the Ales and Pies at Glasgow’s Shilling Primary Image

Photo: Don Tse

What it is: In the heart of Glasgow, in a beautiful Art Deco building that used to be a bank, Shilling is appropriately named after the former British currency—and after the old, uniquely Scottish method of categorizing beer based on the duty assessed. Marble and copper feature heavily in the decor, you can visit the old vaults in the basement, and 31 taps of beer run through decorative spirit safes—glass boxes used by distillers to view their spirit before tax assessment. There is plenty to look at while you enjoy your beer and pizza.

Why it’s great: Three or four house-brewed beers are served straight from tanks behind the bar, but Shilling is where local beer lovers go to taste the best of Britain. Even besides the house-brewed beers, there are more than two dozen constantly changing taps; they might include local favorites Overtone or Epochal, other Scottish breweries such as Edinburgh’s Vault City, and others from across the United Kingdom such as England’s DEYA. The food menu offers a uniquely Scottish take on pizza, with toppings that include black pudding and haggis.

Hours: Noon–11:00 p.m, Sunday–Thursday; noon–midnight, Friday & Saturday
Address: 92 West George St., Glasgow, Scotland