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Pick Six: Impact & Impression, with Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales

Beyond his in-house emphasis on barrel-aging, Kyle Harrop takes traveling and collaborating to new heights, tag-teaming on a variety of projects with fellow brewers across the country. His selected sixer speaks to his deep beer-geek roots, his love for seeking out obscurities, and his great appreciation for technical proficiency.

Jamie Bogner Jul 19, 2022 - 11 min read

Pick Six: Impact & Impression, with Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales Primary Image

Illustration: Jamie Bogner

Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales in Oceanside, California, says that he chose these six beers based on impactfulness and impressiveness. It’s a mixture of his favorite beers ever with ones that have shaped his brewing. Ever the diplomat, he’s presented them in alphabetical order.

Alvarado Street Mai Tai IPA

Monterey, California

“West Coast IPA is still the style I drink the most, and it’s been that way for at least 15 years now. We were in Monterey Bay when my wife was pregnant with our first kid. We did the Aquarium and stumbled across Alvarado Street walking through downtown. I ordered their Mai Tai IPA. I’d had a few things with Mosaic hops at that point, but nothing like this.

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