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Pick Six: Burial’s Jess and Doug Reiser Find Inspiration in Flavor and Story

Jess and Doug Reiser, cofounders of Asheville’s Burial Beer, share a thoughtful six that have inspired their own personal journeys and shaped the beers that they now produce.

Jamie Bogner May 10, 2023 - 13 min read

Pick Six: Burial’s Jess and Doug Reiser Find Inspiration in Flavor and Story Primary Image

Illustration: Jamie Bogner

For Jess and Doug Reiser, a focus on story, connection, and significance is as important as flavor and technical execution when it comes to making and selling beer. For those who’ve visited the Burial breweries and taprooms or purchased their exquisitely and obtusely named beers, this should be obvious—the tone and mood of the brands and the place create the right atmosphere in which to properly enjoy those beers. You can’t separate the liquid from the experience.

Not surprisingly, the breweries and beers that have inspired them hew closely to that philosophy, representing moments when they gleaned deeper insight about what beer—and the experience of beer—could be.

“My approach is rooted in what inspired me in the beginning of getting into craft beer,” says Jess Reiser, “beers that opened my eyes to craft and that take me back to that time and place that jumpstarted this chapter in my life.”

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