Podcast Episode 158: Best in Beer 2020

The annual Best in Beer issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine is out now, and in this special episode Managing Editor Joe Stange joins Jamie Bogner to discuss the editors' picks for Best 20 Beers of 2020, along with various reader survey results.

Jamie Bogner , Joe Stange Oct 25, 2020 - 4 min read

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This has been a challenging year for trying new beer, but like everyone has done over the past eight months of shutdowns and social distancing, we persevered. We were able to taste thousands of beers over the past year at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®, between our blind-panel reviews, those sent to us to consider for general coverage, those tasted at various festivals (yes, we did get to a few in the earlier months of this year), those shared when we visited breweries, not to mention all the ones we bought and enjoyed at home.

Once a year, we put our collective heads together and create our Editors' Picks for the Best Beers of the Year. We also poll you, our readers and listeners, for your favorite beers, as well as your favorite breweries of various sizes. In this wide-ranging episode, Cofounder and Editorial Director Jamie Bogner and Managing Editor Joe Stange walk through the best beers and breweries of 2020 and the stories behind them.

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Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].