Podcast Episode 191: The Good Society’s Nick Berger & Phil Camarano Emerge Victorious from the Whirlwind of 2020

Last year was a roller coaster for most breweries, but especially for Seattle’s Good Society. COVID slammed their doors shut just weeks after opening. But they persevered—and won a gold medal at GABF, plus Small Brewpub of the Year honors. So, what’s next?

Jamie Bogner Jun 14, 2021 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 191: The Good Society’s Nick Berger & Phil Camarano Emerge Victorious from the Whirlwind of 2020 Primary Image

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We first met Good Society cofounder Phil Camarano in 2018 at our New Brewery Accelerator workshop in San Diego, as he and partner Nick Berger found a location and began laboring to get it open. The launch of The Good Society Brewery & Public House finally happened in February 2020—just weeks before COVID restrictions forced breweries into new and unexpected ways of doing business.

It was a challenging time, figuring out how to run the business and respond to customers in this strangest of years. Then, lightning struck: A beer they made on a whim—First to Fall, a Belgian-style grisette—won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival, and that was enough to net them Small Brewpub of the Year honors.

In this episode, Camarano and Berger discuss:

  • The hard work of getting a brewery off the ground
  • Overcoming the numerous challenges in launching the new business
  • Dealing with the unsavory subject of wastewater
  • Designing a beer program for a non-geek audience
  • Keeping momentum going through the early days of the pandemic
  • The planning and design focus for their gold medal-winning grisette
  • The impact of the medal and Small Brewpub honors on the brewery’s growth
  • Forecasting and planning through such an anomalous year
  • Rethinking the brewpub model in light of the pandemic

And more.

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