Podcast Episode 257: West Coast Pilsner Roundtable with Firestone Walker, Highland Park, and Humble Sea

Gather ‘round: Sam Tierney of the Firestone Walker Propagator, Bob Kunz of Highland Park, and Nick Pavlina of Humble Sea discuss the technical and conceptual underpinnings of dry-hopped pilsner, West Coast–style.

Jamie Bogner Aug 30, 2022 - 4 min read

Podcast Episode 257: West Coast Pilsner Roundtable with Firestone Walker, Highland Park, and Humble Sea Primary Image

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West Coast pilsner is the subject of this month’s roundtable, and we’ve assembled a talented trio of California brewers to further the discussion. From the Firestone Walker Propagator brewhouse in Venice, Sam Tierney returns to the podcast; Highland Park founder Bob Kunz joins from their location in Los Angeles; and from Santa Cruz, Humble Sea cofounder Nick Pavlina rounds out the panel.

The topic is West Coast pilsner, and each of these breweries makes an excellent example the style—from Highland Park’s award-winning Timbo Pils to Firestone Walker’s Welcome to LA and Humble Sea’s Santa Cruz Pils.

Here, the brewers discuss:

  • the challenge in building body and structure to balance hop loads in a lean beer
  • simplifying malt bills and using domestic pilsner malt for higher attenuation
  • finding better hop expression through restraint in the dry hops
  • avoiding excessive malt complexity to allow the hops to shine
  • layering in lower-alpha hops to build texture and support the fruitier modern hop notes
  • selecting aroma hops for cohesion
  • managing hop creep
  • distinguishing West Coast pilsner from cold IPA and Italian-style pilsner

And more.

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