Podcast Episode 283: Your Favorite Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast Episodes of 2022

For this final bonus episode of 2022, we look back at the 10 most-listened-to podcasts of the year, with salient highlights that capture the most memorable and most useful moments of your favorite podcasts.

Jamie Bogner Dec 30, 2022 - 4 min read

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In this year-end episode, we look back at the past year of podcasts, and count down your favorites, with excerpts that include:

  • Sapwood Cellars on dry-hopping technique, lowering temperature for dry hopping, using an aggressive rousing regimen, and the masking effect of other dry-hop flavors on thiols
  • Sam Tierney of the Firestone Walker Propagator and Bob Kunz of Highland Park on selecting malt for West Coast pilsner
  • Raf Souvereyns of Bokke discussing the challenges that new blenders face, as well as his research on the toxicity off apricot and peach stones (both sources of the chemical that gives almond its flavor, benzaldehyde)
  • Jean Van Roy of Cantillon on brewing with aged hops
  • Barrett Tillman of Blackman Brewing on his career-defining DUI and changing gears for healthier living as a brewer
  • Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales on technique for getting the best results with coffee.
  • Zach Frasher of Slice on selecting different pilsner base malts depending on the hop focus of a specific beer
  • Eric Toft of Sch├Ânramer on selecting and defining Noble hops.
  • Kelsey McNair of North Park on using hazy IPA techniques to make better West Coast IPA (as well as dry hopping with Incognito)
  • and, finally, Ben Smith of Surly on building a malt bill for thiol-forward IPA, thinking about bitterness beyond IBU, and reducing dry hopping with thiolized yeasts.

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Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine┬«. Email him at [email protected].