Podcast Episode 340: Jason Thompson of Calusa Is Brewing Hazy IPAs That Glow

When this San Diego transplant traded California’s West Coast for Florida’s, he also traded lean, dry IPAs for the full, fruit-forward expression of the New England style. And by focusing on the lightest possible color, controlled mashouts, and refined yeast management, he’s putting this Sarasota brewery on the map.

Jamie Bogner Jan 19, 2024 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 340: Jason Thompson of Calusa Is Brewing Hazy IPAs That Glow Primary Image

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Sarasota, Florida’s Calusa has become a fan favorite in the Sunshine State, focusing on compelling hazy IPAs that capture vivid flavors, consistent drinkability, and a bright, sunny color that cofounder and head brewer Jason Thompson describes as “glow.”

In this episode, Thompson discusses:

  • managing variable minerality
  • brewing hazy IPA with flavorful malts such as Weyermann Bohemian Pils
  • increasing the wheat component of his recipes to aid haze stability
  • mashing out to improve lautering
  • ultra-low-temp whirlpooling, to allow greater aromatic contribution without added bitterness
  • taking care of yeast so they last for 50-plus generations
  • recirculation and rousing dry hops, to increase contact and extraction post-fermentation
  • developing interesting hop combinations, such as Saphir and Centennial
  • making Sabro work in hazy IPA
  • using barrels for bitterness in barrel-aged stout

And more.

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