Style: Cider

ABV: 7.0

Aroma: 9
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 14
Mouthfeel: 3

Foggy Ridge Cider Serious Cider

What the brewers say

“Rich apple and citrus aroma with a touch of apricot and apple blossoms. Serious Cider is bright and lively on the palate with creamy layers. It’s full bodied with soft minerality and hints of peach and lime zest. Focused acidity and textured dusty tannin create a long, pleasantly dry finish.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “White wine and green apple, light sulfur notes, light pear; light acidity, touch of sweetness, light wine-like ester notes.”

Flavor: “Very strong acidity, strong green apple with a touch of pear, high carbonation, strong apple peel aftertaste, very light apple sweetness. Dry white wine, a bit of alcohol in the finish with some oak, mild vanilla, and mild pepper. High acidity is a bit much, bracing, against the very low residual sweet. White grape and Granny Smith.”

Overall: “Reminiscent of apple wine. This is aimed squarely at wine drinkers, but still delivers enough apple character to let you know it’s a cider. The flow of this cider is odd, relatively staightforward wine-like cider nose, then a huge punch of acidity on the initial mouth feel, then finishes off with a strong green apple.”

What our editors thought



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