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Special Ingredient: Gimme a Beet

Earthy yet sweet, beets can add color, fermentable sugar, and comfort to your next brew—an anti-imperial stout, perhaps?

Joe Stange Sep 6, 2022 - 6 min read

Special Ingredient: Gimme a Beet Primary Image

Photo: Lotus Images/Shutterstock

When Lana Svitankova and fellow organizers of the Drinkers for Ukraine initiative chose a recipe for their open-collaboration beer, they could have gone with an IPA. After all, IPAs are widely popular, and independent brewers worldwide are used to brewing them in various forms. It would have been easy to hop on that bandwagon.

Instead, they chose a beer with beets.

Specifically, the recipe for their solidarity brew—Resist, a “Ukrainian anti-imperial stout”—calls for an ample portion of sweet, red beetroot, meant to evoke borscht.

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