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Testing the Best Beer Luggage

Whether you’re headed back from your latest great beercation or jetting off to an amazing bottle share with friends, keeping your beer safe from the perils of travel is paramount. Our staff tested several bags designed to keep your bottles from breaking.

Jamie Bogner Dec 16, 2018 - 4 min read

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The Wine Check


Pros: If you’ve ever had to carry a 12-bottle shipper through an airport in your arms, you understand just how nice it is to have a soft-sided and lightweight piece of luggage with wheels to move your beer. The Wine Check is (relatively) inexpensive, solidly constructed, works with standard 12-bottle styrofoam shippers, and features handy nylon carrying straps for those times when you need to lift it. The best thing about it, however, is the packability. Since it works with standard shippers, you can fold it flat and place it in your regular luggage going out, then buy a regular shipper at your destination to bring beer back, saving the cost of checking dedicated luggage both ways.

Cons: Managing weight in the shipper can be a challenge. If you have empty spots, make sure they’re on the handle side of the case and not closer to the wheels, or the case can get unbalanced and top-heavy. The detachable pull handle doesn’t give you as firm control over the wheels as some may like.

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