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The Best 19 Beers of 2019

Our editors, writers, and blind-review panelists have tasted thousands of beers sent to our office, passed over a bar at a brewery or pub, and poured at festivals around the world. Here is the culmination of the best of those experiences.

Jamie Bogner , Joe Stange Nov 1, 2019 - 25 min read

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Russian River Intinction Sauvignon Blanc (Windsor, California)

This Northern California brewery needs no introduction, and their place at the nexus of major American brewing trends—spontaneously fermented beer and West Coast double IPA, in particular—is common knowledge. But that ubiquity comes at the risk of excessive familiarity, so it’s easy to overlook when they go out and try new things.

But make no mistake, the addition of the Intinction series to their storied lineup of wild and sour beers is nothing short of incredible. They’re not the first to explore this territory, but with their proximity to some of the best grape growers in the world and the relationships they’ve built with those growers, combined with the exceptional palates and techniques they’ve built over decades … well, it’s fair to say that they have developed some strong perspective.

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