Video Tip: Brewing with Wheat

Steven Anan of Archetype Brewing takes us beyond barley to look at brewing with alternative grains—beginning with a few words on wheat.

Steven Anan Oct 12, 2019

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About this course

Steven Anan, head brewer and co-owner of Archetype Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina, takes you through alternative grains—including oats, wheat, rye, and non-cereals. He provides an overview of the ingredients, where to get them, and how to use them to formulate a better beer.

In the full 40-minute video course, Anan covers:

  • Brewing with oats, rye, spelt, wheat, and various sugars
  • Their impact on flavor, mouthfeel and appearance
  • Recipe formulation, including percentages and purpose of each ingredient
  • Biological influence
  • Milling
  • Step mashes
  • Brewing methods
  • Differences of soft versus hard wheat
  • Flaked, raw, malted and torrefied grains
  • Use of candi sugar, honey, and molasses

And much more.

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