Video Tip: How to Steep Adjuncts—Cacao, Coconut, Coffee, Fruit, & Vanilla—in Beautiful Imperial Stouts

In this clip from his video course, Weathered Souls head brewer and cofounder Marcus Baskerville digs into adjunct techniques for Black Is Beautiful and other rich imperial stouts—including contact times for various ingredients.

Marcus Baskerville May 19, 2021 - 2 min read

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The Black Is Beautiful initiative has made a difference. In 2020, more than 1,200 breweries in all 50 states and 22 countries participated in the open-source collaboration to raise funds and awareness for diversity and racial justice—a cooperative effort without any known precedent. However, even before that project took on a life of its own, Weathered Souls cofounder and head brewer Baskerville already had a strong reputation among fellow brewers and Texas drinkers for his characterful imperial stouts and other beers.

In this 68-minute video course—which we at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® have made freely available to all—Baskerville breaks down his approach to brewing Black Is Beautiful and other imperial stouts, including:

  • Designing imperial stouts with balance in mind
  • Constructing a grain bill for complexity and body
  • Tips on mashing in, lautering, and sparging heavy stout mashes
  • Kettle caramelization, long boils, and hop additions
  • Managing high-gravity fermentations with oxygen, yeast, and nutrients
  • Choosing your flavor adjuncts, and how and when to add them
  • Barrel-aging imperial stouts

And much more, including recipes from Baskerville himself.

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