We Recommend: Great Beer Bars in New York., New Jersey, and Poland

Here are the three beer bars that we explored in Issue 21 of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

John Holl Nov 9, 2017 - 5 min read

We Recommend: Great Beer Bars in New York., New Jersey, and Poland Primary Image

Eddie’s Roadhouse

Warwick, New York

This craft-beer bar and restaurant is a neighborhood gem in the Hudson Valley’s Warwick.

What it is: Venturing out of New York City doesn’t mean distancing oneself from culture when one is traveling to the Hudson Valley, a 150-mile stretch between Yonkers and Albany that claims the epicenter of New York State’s local food and drink movement. In Warwick, about fifty miles from the City on the New Jersey border (and accessible by bus from Port Authority), Eddie’s Roadhouse has been serving up craft culture since 2010.

Why it’s great: A family establishment with a penchant for the local, delicious, and fresh, Eddie’s Roadhouse is both a beloved haunt for Warwick residents and a familiar oasis for those passing through. On tap, expect brews from hyper-local Hudson Valley brewers such as Equilibrium (Middleton), Rushing Duck (Chester) and the eponymous Hudson Valley (Beacon), along with borough darlings such as Grimm and Other Half. Eats feature inventive apps (eggplant meatballs, potato nachos), a savory selection of burgers and sandwiches, and hearty entrees made to order. —Cat Wolinski


Hours: 12 p.m.–12 a.m., Tuesday–Thursday; 12 p.m.–2 a.m., Friday–Saturday; 12 p.m.–9 p.m., Sunday. Address: 18 Main St., Warwick, NY Web:


Jersey City, New Jersey

Meat and beer come together in a well-thought-out Czech-inspired concept that combines house-made sausages and a carefully curated beer list that draws from some of America’s best craft breweries and the world’s best-known brands.

What it is: From the bar/restaurant group behind other forward-thinking but historical-looking spots in New Jersey, such as the Asbury Festhalle & ­Biergarten and Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken, comes WÜRSTBAR, a small neighborhood bar that focuses on simple but flavorful. The sausages go beyond the brat, and the beer list looks heavily to European styles for inspiration.


Why it’s great: In a word: sausages. In the age of mass-market everything, it’s refreshing (not always the word associated with meat) to get the genuine article. From venison to rabbit, duck, lamb, and more, there’s a taste associated with whatever your mood or the beer with which you want to pair something. The beer list changes daily, usually with a few small-production offerings from the likes of Two Roads (Stratford, Connecticut), Blackberry Farm (Walland, Tennessee), and others. But the best deal is the 0.5 ­liter of fresh-tapped Pilsner Urquell for $4.50 during the elongated happy hour. Simple is beautiful. —John Holl

Hours: Noon–midnight, Sunday–Thursday; Noon–2 a.m., Friday & Saturday. Address: 516 Jersey Ave., Jersey City, NJ Web:

PiwPaw Beer Heaven

Warsaw, Poland

American-style craft beer’s home away from home in Warsaw

What it is: This extraordinary taproom is casually ensconced among the restaurants and dance clubs just off one of Warsaw’s main drags. The ninety-five tap handles offer a staggering set of choices, from double IPAs to Russian imperial stouts. The majority are brewed within Poland, but there are a smattering of imports. Since too much is never enough, PiwPaw Beer Heaven also has a huge cooler full of bottled selections. PiwPaw has three different bars in town, plus one in Łódź, but this one has the most taps on hand.

Why it’s great: Many small European breweries are embracing American craft-beer styles and innovation, but PiwPaw truly is Beer Heaven. The Polish breweries represented here demonstrate how well they’ve learned; the Vermont IPA from Autybrowar is on point and even the wild experiments such as a peated Belgian Tripel are quite tasty. The average 0.5 liter costs $4–5, but you can also build your own sample tray for about $0.30 apiece. Best of all, this heaven is never closed. —Jester Goldman

Hours: All day, every day. Address: Foksal 16, Warsaw Poland Web:

John Holl is the author of Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint, and has worked for both Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and All About Beer Magazine.