Hops & Berries

Git Yer Goats Recipe

This doppelbock is big and malty, with a warming alcohol character.

Bohemian Pilsner Recipe

Try this clean and crisp pilsner with a spicy hops aroma and flavor, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.

Ain’t No Foolin’ Wit Bier Recipe

Here's a light bodied, moderately spiced Belgian wit.

Recession Lager Recipe

A lager recipe for a dry, light and crisp American lager designed with a recession budget in mind.

Beer Engine ESB Recipe

This hoppy British session ale has a smooth malt character.

Oh Myyyyy Maibock Recipe

Munich toasty richness meets a nice dose of spicy Opal hops character. Refreshing meets alcoholic?

Hazy Train American Wheat Ale Recipe

Here's a full-strength American wheat beer with a light citrus touch.

Kolner Dom Kolsch Recipe

This kolsch is less hoppy with a kiss of wheat, and the hops add a slightly tart spicy flavor.

Dunkelweizen Recipe

A darker, stronger version of Bavarian wheat beer. A crisp wheat flavor is balanced by a slight chocolate maltiness. A mild clove/banana flavor accents the spicy character of Tradition hops.

“Kiss Me, I Brewed This” Irish Red Ale Recipe

This traditional Irish Red ale is a popular pounder, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.