Riggs Beer Company

Podcast Episode 152: Matt Riggs of Riggs Beer Goes Grain-to-Glass with Estate-Grown Ingredients and Six-Row Malt

Fifth-generation farmer, first-generation brewer Matt Riggs dives into the farming of their low-oil corn, wheat, and six-row barley, while sharing insights on brewing with these ingredients to make beers inspired by years in Germany.

Recipe: Riggs American Lager

Riggs Beer Company in Urbana, Illinois, brews this old-school American pale lager using a traditional double-mash process. The grain bill consists of six-row base malt and whole-kernel corn.

Brewer’s Perspective: In Defense of Six-Row

Matt Riggs is brewmaster and cofounder of Riggs Beer Company in Urbana, Illinois, where they grow their own six-row barley and have it malted locally. Here he talks about the strengths of that under-loved malt.