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Recipe: Cellarmaker Mt. Nelson Pale Ale

Mt. Nelson, says Cellarmaker cofounder and head brewer Tim Sciascia, is “one of our most popular pale ales and a perfect representation of the hazy West Coast style. We love showcasing Nelson Sauvin in this aromatic, off-dry, and crushable 5.7 percent ABV package.”

Video Tip: Choosing Your Malts for a Modern Hazy Pale Ale

Tim Sciascia walks us through a typical malt bill for a Cellarmaker pale ale, and he explains why they keep it relatively simple—usually just two-row, naked oats, and a bit of light caramel malt.

Video Tip: Dialing in the Bitterness of “West Coast Hazy” Pale Ales

Tim Sciascia, cofounder and head brewer at Cellarmaker, walks us through their typical boil and whirlpool hop additions for pale ales, as they aim for the desired level of bitterness while avoiding any vegetal off-flavors.

Video Tip: Selecting Hops for Delicious Pale Ales

Know what you’re going to get from the hops you have. Tim Sciascia, cofounder and head brewer at Cellarmaker, explains their approach to choosing hops and why they like certain varieties in the boil and others on the cold side.

Video Tip: Modern Pale Ale as a Vehicle for Creativity and Variety

Tim Sciascia, cofounder and head brewer at Cellarmaker in San Francisco, explains how the desire for balanced variety in the taproom drives the design and various hop permutations in their popular pale ales.

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Video Course: Brewing Modern Pale Ales with Cellarmaker

Tim Sciascia, cofounder and head brewer at Cellarmaker Brewing in San Francisco, details their approach to brewing highly hop-driven yet supremely drinkable American pale ales.

Cellarmaker Underberg and Cigarettes Recipe

When Underberg, an herbal bitter digestif, is infused into this recipe, it creates a sophisticated brew with hints of anise and herbs, bittersweet cacao, and a restrained smoky bite.