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Thinking Small: Former New Belgium Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert Embraces ‘Artful’ Brewing One Barrel At A Time In New Venture Purpose Brewing

By pursuing their ambition and following their heart, Colorado’s Purpose Brewing and Cellars (and the thousands of small and independent breweries like it) play a crucial role in keeping the “craft” in craft beer.

Feeling the Squeeze

As competition increases and the growth of craft slows, more small and mid-tier breweries are being impacted by the pressure—not because their beer is a problem but because everything else is.

Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice

The first pumpkin beer arrived in our office recently, so we thought we’d repost this popular article in which Tom Wilmes got the scoop on successfully spiced beers from three pumpkin pros.

Founders’ Roundtable

We tapped the expertise of craft-brewery owners from throughout the country to share what’s worked as they’ve grown from start-up into a successful business.

Todd Haug Is Gunning for a Better Future at 3 Floyds

Todd Haug opens up about job security and future opportunities, which factored into his decision to decamp Surly for 3 Floyds.

Let’s Get Together . . . and Brew a Beer

As New Belgium celebrates its 25th year, spokesman Bryan Simpson shares a few ways collaboration projects have factored into the brewery’s success.

The Sour Beer Spectrum

Confused by the wide variety of sour beer styles and the variety of methods used to brew them? Tom Wilmes breaks through the jargon with this guide to sour beer styles.

Critical Mass: Building a Craft-Beer Destination

From grassroots campaigns at the local level to coordinated efforts in the statehouse and governor’s office, the State of Virginia has positioned itself as a hot spot for craft beer and for craft brewers in just a few short years.

Striking Gold

Developing and bringing a new hops variety to market is a tricky proposition fraught with expense and uncertainty. Here’s how breeders, growers, and brewers are working together to bring promising new strains to beers near you.

Mitch Steele Dishes on Upscale Food and Beer Destination Concept

Former Stone Brewing Co. Brewmaster Mitch Steele shares a few details about his new craft-beer venture—and hits on a few industry trends in the process.