Tom Wilmes

Thinking Small: Former New Belgium Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert Embraces ‘Artful’ Brewing One Barrel At A Time In New Venture Purpose Brewing

By pursuing their ambition and following their heart, Colorado’s Purpose Brewing and Cellars (and the thousands of small and independent breweries like it) play a crucial role in keeping the “craft” in craft beer.

Feeling the Squeeze

As competition increases and the growth of craft slows, more small and mid-tier breweries are being impacted by the pressure—not because their beer is a problem but because everything else is.

Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice

The first pumpkin beer arrived in our office recently, so we thought we’d repost this popular article in which Tom Wilmes got the scoop on successfully spiced beers from three pumpkin pros.

Todd Haug Is Gunning for a Better Future at 3 Floyds

Todd Haug opens up about job security and future opportunities, which factored into his decision to decamp Surly for 3 Floyds.

Let’s Get Together . . . and Brew a Beer

As New Belgium celebrates its 25th year, spokesman Bryan Simpson shares a few ways collaboration projects have factored into the brewery’s success.

The Sour Beer Spectrum

Confused by the wide variety of sour beer styles and the variety of methods used to brew them? Tom Wilmes breaks through the jargon with this guide to sour beer styles.

The Middle Way: Midwest IPAs

Today’s Midwest brewers are marrying Old World tradition with New World ingredients for a richer, fuller flavor in their IPAs.

Finding Success with Sours

Effectively working with mixed-culture fermentation and barrel aging can be a tricky, time-intensive business. Three of the industry’s best offer their insights.

Breakout Brewer: Prairie Artisan Ales

The two brothers behind Oklahoma-based Prairie Artisan Ales put a lot of effort into pursuing their flights of fancy—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

When to Blend Your Beer

Blending is an important tool for homebrewers to have in their arsenal.