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Breakout Brewer: TRVE Brewing Co.

The taproom (also home to the original brewhouse) may be the darkest in craft beer, with the black walls, dim lighting, candles, pentagrams, and skulls you’d expect from a brewery run by dedicated metalheads

Jamie Bogner Jul 4, 2018 - 9 min read

Breakout Brewer: TRVE Brewing Co. Primary Image

Trve is A study in contrasts—the intimidating taproom environment and brusque branding starkly contrast with their approachable and sessionable beer and the warm and friendly demeanor of Founder Nick Nunns. But that edge—confounding expectations or assumptions and pushing people to engage more directly with each other and the beer—is what makes the brewery such a powerful idea. It’s not a brewery that wants to be everything to everybody, and that’s exactly how Nunns likes it.

“I never wanted to be just another taproom in town. I want to be the one that people are either like, ‘Oh fuck, this place is weird and cool, and I love it,’ or they’re like, ‘It’s scary. I’m going to go now.’ We get a handful of Iowans who take two steps in and peel out pretty quick,” says Nunns.

“We chose to make [our brewery] a different experience. And as such, we have latched onto a totally different subset of people who want to come in here, and those people are diehard fans.

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