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All Grain Recipe

Make Your Best Amber Biere de Garde

Biere de Garde (BdG) enjoys more flexibility than most, as a style. Not only do the component style descriptors give ranges (as they do for most styles), it also allows for three distinct (uncredited) substyles based on color: blonde, amber, and brown.

Neptune American Pale Ale Recipe

American Pale Ale should be a beer that drinks easily and highlights its American hops flavors and aromas. Its closest analog isn’t IPA; it’s British Golden Ale, Americanized! Here’s how to brew a great one.

Make Your Best British Strong Ale

Fresh, malty, and with noticeable English hops in the nose and on the palate, this is a recipe that’s well suited to cold weather and Boxing Day celebrations.

Make Your Best American Stout

The American Stout, like all stouts, is notably roasty, but much like the American (Robust) Porter it also allows for significant experimentation with hops.

Industrial Arts' Tools of the Trade American Pale Ale Recipe

As close to a flagship that Industrial Arts Brewing Co. gets, this American pale ale created by Jeff O’Neil is vibrant with Apollo, Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hops. Folks wait in line for this at his brewery, and now you can make it at home.

Make Your Best: Holiday Ale

This is Turkey’s Delight Cranberry Irish Red Ale. A holiday ale that is nice, bright red in color, is seasonably rich in malt flavor, and pairs perfectly with turkey in all of its various incarnations (including – and maybe especially – the leftovers).

Make Your Best International Dark Lager

This beer style works just fine on its own for a fall or winter party tap addition, and it also makes a great base for winter-themed spice and fruit beers.

Make Your Best Dark Saison

Dark Saison is, well, dark, but it also still features a complex and dry flavor profile, high carbonation, and a penchant for creative ingredient use that we’ve come to expect from artisanal, farmhouse styles.

Make Your Best Saison

Saison is a fantastically flexible and interesting style of beer.

Make Your Best American Brown Ale

American Brown Ale is a classic of the early craft and homebrewing world, and in a perfect world you’d have a great version of it on your taps at all times.