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Beer Recipe

Blackstrap Foreign Extra Stout Recipe

Foreign Extra Stout isn’t a complicated style. However, it is a distinct style, and missing the mark on any one of several flavor characteristics will unavoidably drag it out of its home in category 16D and into one of the other stout styles.

Maplewood Brewery and Distillery Son of Juice IPA Recipe

This New England–style IPA from Maplewood Brewery and Distillery in Chicago, Illinois, is a local favorite.

Fort George Spruce Budd Ale Recipe

Spruce tips add an immediately recognizable aroma and flavor to beer, yet people still have a hard time accurately defining the specifics

'Alaskan Red' Red IPA Beer Recipe

This recipe will serve you well as a faithful Red IPA that avoids the pitfalls of the style while amplifying its virtues.

Make Your Best Pale Mild

Hard to find, historic origins, easy to drink, and straightforward to brew: sounds like a perfect homebrewing style.

Scottish-Style 80- Shilling Ale Recipe

The Scottish 80, also called an “export” by the BJCP guidelines, is a strong ale by Scottish standards. The export name means that this is an ale with a higher alcohol content (3.9 to 4.9 percent) that was intended to survive trans-Atlantic voyages.

Make Your Best German Leichtbier

Our homebrewing columnist, Josh Weikert, offers this recipe for a beer that is low-alcohol, delicate, and lightly flavored. Rather than being an American mass-produced lager it is, instead, a modern take on a traditional German style

Scottish-Style 60-Shilling Ale Beer Recipe

The first impression when drinking this amber-brown ale is a malty nose with subdued hops aroma. The flavor is soft malt that may have a touch of smokiness and toastiness. The use of roasted barley brings out a soft, complex background.

Trillium's Dialed-In IPA with Wine-Grape Must Recipe

This double IPA recipe from Trillium Cofounder J.C. Tetrault marries wine-grape must (juice pressed from the skins, seeds, and stems of wine grapes) with complementary hops notes from Southern Hemisphere hops.

Sonoma Pride IPA Recipe

Sonoma Pride is a high-ABV, high-body, and high-aroma IPA brewed just once for Sonoma and Napa county charities after the 2017 wildfires. Please consider donating to the charity set up by Russian River Brewing & The King Ridge Foundation at