Randy Mosher

Flavor Fever: Exploring Lager’s Outer Limits

Lager is made at the cellular level—and at the cultural one. How far can you push lager—with different ingredients, fermentations, sensory profiles—until it becomes something else? Randy Mosher ponders the science, the traditions, and the pragmatism.

Unreal! Seltzers & the Rise of Hyperflavors

Hard seltzers and similar flavored beverages have never been so popular. It’s worth taking a clear-eyed look at the processes and flavorings upon which they rely. Randy Mosher takes us behind the curtain.

Flavor Fever: The Elements of Funk

Sour and wild beers exist on a complex plane of myriad flavors and aromas produced by bacteria, yeast, ingredients, and by-products. Randy Mosher breaks down the building blocks of what we sense, to help us identify what we enjoy.

Recipe: Randy Mosher’s Black Ice Stout

This smooth-drinking, medium-duty stout takes advantage of the cold-brew method for using black and caramel malts.

Beyond ‘Roasty’: The Surprising Psychology of Stout

We are visual creatures—but color is deceptive. Randy Mosher, author of Tasting Beer, shares insights to help us widen our stout vocabulary.

More of the Flavors We Love: Fruited & Spiced IPAs

Hops can smell like other foods because they share many of the same aroma compounds. Here is Randy Mosher on how to boost your IPAs with ingredients that have those sought-after traits.

Wassailing Through the Holidays

To warm the cockles of our hearts with beery libations—hot or cool, spiced or not, with or without an extra shot of Christmas spirits—Randy Mosher is here with a red-hot poker and lines of verse.

Pale Lager: The Pleasures of 'Beer-Flavored Beers'

Randy Mosher, author of Radical Brewing, delves into the decidedly un-radical character of the world’s most unassuming—yet arguably most rewarding—swath of the beer spectrum.

Flavor Fever: Wit, Weizen & Weisse

As a root of civilization and the soft heart of some of the world’s most drinkable beers, wheat deserves more love.

Flavor Fever: The Tightrope of Gose

A nearly forgotten style became a popular plaything in American brewing. Balance, as usual, is the trick—and how to pull it off depends on what you put in it.