Randy Mosher

Pale Lager: The Pleasures of 'Beer-Flavored Beers'

Randy Mosher, author of Radical Brewing, delves into the decidedly un-radical character of the world’s most unassuming—yet arguably most rewarding—swath of the beer spectrum.

Flavor Fever: Wit, Weizen & Weisse

As a root of civilization and the soft heart of some of the world’s most drinkable beers, wheat deserves more love.

Flavor Fever: The Tightrope of Gose

A nearly forgotten style became a popular plaything in American brewing. Balance, as usual, is the trick—and how to pull it off depends on what you put in it.

Flavor Fever: Seeing Through the Haze of Double and Triple Juicy IPAs

New to this style? Check your expectations at the door and prepare yourself for a sip of something entirely new.

Flavor Fever: Sour-Sweet-Bitter Fruity-Funky-Hazies

They say there's nothing new under the sun, but in the past few years a cluster of styles has created a lot of excitement: sour IPAs and/or milkshake IPAs. These are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Farmhouse Season: Decoding This Yeast-Driven Style

It’s clear that much about the origins of saison is confusing. That doesn’t mean there aren’t style marks to strive for. Randy Mosher breaks down this beer (often called farmhouse) point by point to give us a better understanding.

Pastry Stout: Drinking Liquid Nostalgia

Pastry stouts have turned into something quite specific: strong stouts mimicking flavor profiles of desserts, ranging from classic pastries to packaged sweet snacks often delivered with a heaping spoonful of irony. But there’s more to them than just that.