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IPA Recipe

NoDa Brewing New England-Style IPA Recipe

Here’s a super-hoppy, super-fun, clean New England-style IPA with no haze from NoDa Brewing Company’s Brewmaster, Chad Henderson.

Door County Brewing New England–Style IPA Recipe

This recipe from Danny McMahon, the head brewer of Door County Brewing Company (Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin) is one of their ever-evolving New England–style IPA recipes.

Fort George Fresh IPA Recipe

Expect hints of citrus, resin, and fruit to flood forward, followed by a piney, earthy complexity in this recipe designed by Jack Harris of Fort George Brewery.

Comrade Fresh Hops Superpower IPA Recipe

This 2014 GABF silver medal winner has huge pine and grapefruit hops aromas, with flavors of citrus and balanced bitterness.

SMaSH Citra IPA Recipe

SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hops) beers provide a great opportunity to understand the characteristics of your ingredients.

Citrum IPA Recipe

Brewed with lemon zest and juniper berries, this American IPA is a deep golden yellow and has the aroma of citrus, fresh-cut herbs, and pine.

White Dog IPA Recipe

El Segundo Brewing Company Founder and Brewmaster Rob Croxall shared this recipe for one of the first IPAs he brewed.

Defiance IPA Recipe

This American IPA placed third in the 2013 NHC first round in Atlanta and advanced to the NHC Finals. Don’t blink or you’ll miss a hops addition.

Dark Sumo Imperial IPA Recipe

We’ve battle-tested this IPA on numerous occasions and love the way the dark wheat plays off of the high hops volume.

Calico Jack Rackham’s ‘Keelhaul’ IPA Recipe

A stronger malt character and slightly lower attenuation from the ESB yeast give this English-style IPA a sweet finish that’s balanced with strong hops bitterness.