625 of the Best Lagers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Bard's Tale Beer Company Bard's Gold (70)

“Gluten-free American lager made with sorghum. Taste: Rich and refreshing. Body: Medium. Bitterness: Low (20.5 IBUs). Aroma: Floral. Color: Amber (SRM 11).”

Green’s Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager (77)

“Pale golden in color; the nose is a mix of citrus-floral aroma sensations. Clean with a crisp, light malt taste, but with an herbal, hoppy finish. Body and mouthfeel are light and refreshing.”

Lagunitas Brewing Night Pils (80)

“Night Pils marries everything we know about making black IPA and Pils. The dark malt backbone brings notes of chocolate and dark fruits while the lager yeast provides a crisp, clean finish. The result is a beer that looks like a stout but drinks like a lager.”

Ballast Point Lager (81)

"With 100 percent 2-row barley and a light touch of Apollo hops, it's a clean-drinking beer with notes of honeysuckle and light banana."

Full Sail Pilsner (82)

“This beer has intense aromas of citrus and pine, supported by a medium body and dry malty palate. As you savor that unmistakable aroma and long, clean hops finish, tip your hat (and your glass) to the generations of hops farmers who help us live the locavore dream every day.”

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Barrel-Aged Scarface (83)

“The bourbon barrel-aged edition of Scarface will assault your senses with sweet caramel, oak, and vanilla.”

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Baby Daddy Session IPA (83)

“Sunny straw in color and loaded with hops. The aroma and flavor yield citrus and tropical notes: grapefruit, melon, lime, passion fruit, and a touch of spice. It has a full balanced body, with a crisp nish and low bitterness.”

Birds Fly South Ale Project Fat Ma (83)

"This golden brew was lagered for more than 2 months and hopped with Topaz and Sterling. Notes of stone fruit are balanced by a floral, peppery finish."

Cerebral Brewing Nordic Noir (84)

Foeder Baltic porter brewed with pilsner, Munich II, oats, Caramunich II, and pale chocolate, and hopped with Columbus.

Epic Brewing Los Locos (84)

“Troy Guard is a Denver chef with a Mexican restaurant so badass we can’t even put the name on this can. While enjoying his food, we had a crazy idea: brew a Mexican-style lager with corn, natural lime juice, and just a hint of salt. Salud amigos!”

Big Choice Pinhead Pilsner (84)

“A simple Bohemian Pilsner that’s light enough that anyone can drink it.”

Transmitter Brewing NY6 Pilsner (84)

['"NY6 is a 100 percent New York State', 'ingredient German-style Pilsner."']

ONCO Fermentations Rauchbier (84)

“Brewed with imported beechwood-smoked malt from Bamberg, Germany and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops.”

Roughhouse Brewing Roughhouse Pilsner (84)

“Old-word pilsner lagered in oak featuring Texas-grown pilsner malt.”

Wiley Roots Brewing Co Beer Flavored Beer (84)

“German-style helles lager”

Big Grove Brewery Iowa City Lager (85)

“This lager is light, dry, and very drinkable with an herbal-hop and honey aroma.”

Maplewood Brewing Company Lounge Lager (85)

“A lager brewed with 6-row barley, and Midwestern flaked corn. Crisp and refreshing.”

Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room Series: Vienna Lager (85)

“This traditional Vienna-style lager has notes of oven-fresh bread and caramel candy.”

Roadmap Brewing Co Minor In Italian (85)

A light and approachable take on the style that mashes classic and modern techniques. 

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Nooner Pilsner (85)

“Nooner is our take on the classic German Pilsner, filled with bright and zesty whole-cone hops flavor with a crisp, dry finish—the perfect pick for wherever the day may take you.”

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Hopfen (85)

“A beer we are describing as a ‘Bavarian IPL.’ Brewed and dry-hopped with a variety of Hallertau ‘Hopfen’ instead of the usual and more citric hops varieties of most American IPAs, giving this beer a decidedly German twist.”

10 Barrel Pub Beer (85)

“Made by the brewers for employees to be able to enjoy a light beer during the day while still being productive, now canned for your enjoyment.”

Prost Brewing Company Pils (85)

“Prost Pils is pale gold in color and capped with a thick, brilliantly white, dense collar of foam. With the first sip, spicy hops flavors come to the forefront. As the hop begins to fade, the wonderfully soft imported Pilsner malt is revealed.”

Great Notion Brewing Ledge Bier (85)

“Made with Saaz and Hallertau hops along with Barke and pilsner malts.”

Smith & Lentz Brewing Mariachi Static (85)

“Clean, smooth pils malt and subtle hops.”

Schilling Beer Co. Modernism (85)

“It features a deep complexity from the decoction process and a hop schedule typical of Bohemian beers.”

Cellarest Beer Project Vesna (85)

“Made from a base of Riverbend pilsner and malted corn, this cold IPA was fermented in our Acacia foudre with our house lager yeast.”

Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Calyptra (86)

“This hoppy lager is brewed with two intense and aromatic hops, Calypso and Citra. It’s an easy drinking brew that balances dominating fruity, citrusy, and tropical aromas with a sessionable malt body.”

Weihenstephaner Original Premium Lager (86)

“Crisp taste with mild hoppy notes. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition.”

Uinta Brewing Baba Black Lager (86)

“This black lager has flavors of dark coffee, chocolate, and subtle wood smoke. Our black sheep’s color stands out and leads the herd in drinkability.”

Goldfinger Brewing Company Original Lager (86)

“A single-decocted helles lager that is simply approachable.”

Bend Brewing Co Black Diamond Dark Lager (86)

“Clean dark chestnut-hued lager with underlying notes of dark chocolate.”

Hopewell Brewing Co Alpi (86)

An Italian-style pilsner with an aromatic hop profile and a crisp, lean body. Floral and spicy with a touch of cracker malt for balance.

König Brewery Pilsener (86)

“The finest, carefully selected ingredients and the knowledge of generations of the best master brewers provide the basis for the success of the unique taste of König Pilsener.”

Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5 O’Clock Pils (86)

“The Pils malt is light yet with a pleasant bready character. Saaz hops gives a pleasant earthy spiciness. The final, unfiltered beer has a light maltiness, a big refreshing bitter and wonderful, delicate hops flavor and aroma.”

12 West Brewing ZONA (86)

"ZONA is our tribute to the Grand Canyon State. This Pilsner is light, crisp, and refreshing."

pFrriem Family Brewers Pilsner (86)

"With aromas of fresh flowers and honey, we've managed to fit the Pacific Northwest into each bottle."

Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner (86)

"Floral aroma, clean malt, balanced bitterness."

Schilling Beer Co. Alexandr 10° (86)

“A sessionable pale lager inspired by similar Czech beers.”

Unsung Brewing Vater Von Pils (86)

“Clean cracker malt and crisp carbonation with slight spice from Saaz hops.”

Poison City Brewing Sad Devotion to Ancient Religion (86)

“Roasty, dark biscuit, subtle coffee and chocolate notes.”

KC Bier Co. Schwarzbier (86)

“Rich malt flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate, moderate bitterness, crisp, clean finish.”

Deschutes Brewery King Crispy (86)

“Light grainy pils malt, flowery, spicy hops, no esters, crisp finish.”

Incendiary Brewing Company Kold IPA (86)

“Brewed with Zeus, Chinook, Comet, Simcoe, and Mosaic; fermented with Kölsch yeast and dry hopped with Comet, Mosaic, and Simcoe.”

Burial Beer Hellstar (86)

“Hellstar is a dark lager. Someone told you that all black beer is heavy. Well that’s just stupid. Oh, we’re as heavy as the chains of hell. But this beer ain’t. Open your heart to evil. Sip on the depths of our black souls.”

Highland Brewing Co Trailhead (86)

“Roasty, dry, sessionable Czech-style dark lager with a cold-side coffee addition.”

Sideward Brewing Co Sideward Sabbath Vol. III (86)

“Rich, bitter, and chuggable.”

Urbanrest Brewing Company Ken’s Tmavé Pivo (86)

“Crusty bread, dark fruit, cola, dry cocoa.”

Highland Park Brewery Green Chimera (86)

“Rustic saison made up of a blend of oak-aged spontaneous beer, oak-aged mixed-culture beer, and fresh lager.”

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. 11th Anniversary (86)

“Baltic porter … lagered in Four Roses and Pinhook Rye barrels for 11 months … conditioned on both coconut and vanilla.”

Upslope Brewing Company - Flatiron Park Craft Lager (87)

Premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley. 2019 GABF Silver Medal winner.

Red Brick Brewing Company Laughing Skull Craft Lager (87)

“This light-bodied lager is crisp and dry on the palate with a clean finish. That’s beer-geek speak meaning this is possibly one of the most easy drinkin’ beers you’ve ever poured in your face.”

Bitburger Triple Hop'd Lager (87)

“A beautiful harmony of German and American brewing styles. Full of grapefruit citrus and aromatic fruit notes, balanced by a bitter finish and light malt backbone.”

Fonta Flora Brewery Pap Pap's Salted Lager (87)

“Dortmunder-style lager bier blended with ancient Appalachian sea salt.”

pFriem Family Brewers Helles Lager (87)

“Savory and smooth with aromas of fresh bread and a hint of honey.”

Moksa Brewing Co Let's Lager (87)

“Pilsner heavy handedly dry-hopped with an over-3-lbs-per-bbl combo of Strata and New Zealand Cascade.”

Fonta Flora Brewery Wolf Spit (87)

Collab with Half Acre Brewing. Baltic porter brewed with hickory bark.

Maplewood Brewing Company Pulaski Pils (87)

Brewed primarily with pilsner malt and just a kiss of Vienna, then lightly dry hopped with Santiam for pleasant floral notes.

Standard Brewing Lawful Good (87)

Citrusy Italian lager made with lemon-limey Loral hops. Soft and easy but full of character.

Birds Fly South Ale Project Czech-Style Pilsner (87)

A traditional Czech-style lager. Light bread notes leading into a bright dry finish.

Wise Man Brewing Cherish It (87)

Notes of caramel, chocolate, and a delightful roasty character. Medium-bodied, but crisp and refreshing.

Von Ebert Brewing Pierre Le Chat (87)

Dry-hopped, Italian-inspired pilsner that’s brewed with 100 percent French malt and hops.

Radeberger Pilsner (87)

“A full-bodied, complex taste with a little more hops than most Pilsners gives Radeberger its distinctive, memorable flavour.”

North Coast Brewing Co. Scrimshaw Pilsner-Style Beer (87)

“Named for the delicate engravings popularized by nineteenth century seafarers, Scrimshaw is a fresh-tasting Pilsner brewed in the finest European tradition using Munich malt and Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. Scrimshaw has a subtle hops character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish.”

Stone Brewing Enter Night (87)

"It's a crisp and refreshing Pilsner that, much like the band, transcends genres, shatters preconceptions, and challenges convention."

Alvarado Street Brewery Peninsula Pilsner (87)

“A decidedly hoppy pilsner brewed with traditional Czech Saaz and Tettnang.”

Untitled Art / 2nd Shift New Zealand Pilsner (87)

“Italian-style pilsner made with all New Zealand hops (Dr. Rudy, Southern Cross, and Nelson Sauvin).”

Uinta Brewing Baba (87)

“Flavors of dark coffee, chocolate, and subtle wood smoke.”

Precarious Beer Project Leaven To Rest (87)

“Honey kvass lager. Uses rye bread and Appalachian wildflower honey.”

North Park Beer Co. Cool Stache (87)

“Our first foray into the style of cold IPA.”

Wellspent Brewing Company Dark (87)

“Painstakingly brewed, naturally carbonated, and lovingly lagered.”

Alvarado Street Brewery Monterey Common (87)

“A toasty, biscuity Vienna-style lager fermented at ambient Monterey temperature.”

BKS Artisan Ales Simplicity & Patience (87)

“Dry-hopped pilsner with Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Hallertau Blanc hops.”

Resident Culture Wildlight (87)

"Helles-style lager conditioned with a house mixed culture for over 8 months."

By All Means Beer Oktoberfest (87)

“Foeder-aged Oktoberfest lager. Smooth and malty with a hint of oak.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Carolina Gold (87)

“Lagered saison ale brewed with heritage rice.”

Burial Beer Co Our Hearts of Ruin Double Dry-Hopped Pils (88)

Mash up of delightful keller-pils with dank West Coast IPA. Double dry-hopped with our hand-selected lots of 2020 Motueka, Wai-Iti, and Citra.

Wayfinder Beer Gravity Drop Baltic Porter (88)

Deliciously rich, elegant, and warming, with notes of chocolate, fig and caramel.

Wheatland Spring Brewery Alberto (88)

16 percent estate-grown; 40 percent Virginia grain; 60 percent New York grain. Impressions of: lemon zest, noble herbs, sweet dough, spring wildflower.

Elevation Beer Company Elevation Pilsner (88)

Saphir-dry-hopped pils, with German malt and hops, fermented with Czech pils yeast.

Little Fish Brewing Company Come at Me, Beau (88)

A “Beau-hemian” pilsner dedicated to our good friend and taproom manager Beau Nishimura.

Goose Island Beer Co. Four Star Pils (88)

“This golden-hued Pilsner has a light, fresh body and clean finish. Bright, refreshing carbonation mingles with German and American hops to give this Pilsner a unique Goose Island spin.”

Idle Hands Craft Ales Adelais (88)

“A blend of three pilsner malts, hopped with Hallertau Hersbrucker and Saphir.”

Smith & Lentz Brewing German Pils (88)

“Crisp and snappy with a present bitterness and spicy, grassy aroma.”

°Brix Brew & Tap Greeley Beer (88)

“Crisp, refreshing, with a hint of bitterness and a sweetness from the pilsner malt backbone.”

The Brew Kettle Big Woody (88)

“Rooted in tradition, this malty lager is inspired by some of our favorite German brewers.”

Russian River Brewing Velvet Glow (88)

“Bright straw color, aromas and flavors of bread crust and biscuit.”

Ratio Beerworks Rooftops (88)

“Brewed with flaked corn, Rooftops is clean and crisp with a slight touch of salinity.”

Pinthouse Brewing ProCzech (88)

“Inviting notes of lemon zest, wafer cookies, and a hint of apricot.”

Ecliptic Brewing Ecliptic + Wayfinder Cold IPA (88)

“Brewed with pilsner malt and lager yeast. Pacific Sunrise and Talus hops support the clean, crisp finish on this collaboration.”

Wayfinder Beer Jazz Witch Cold IPA (88)

“Lager yeast fermented warm with adjunct lager malt bill (corn).”

Precarious Beer Project Mo Money Mo Prague-lems (88)

“American oak foeder-aged Czech dark lager.”

Art History Brewing Inc Veřitace (88)

“12° Plato dark Czech lager.”

Hopewell Brewing Co Long Haul (88)

“Showcases notes of toffee, bread crust, and subtle roast, accented by the classic Saaz Noble hop bite.”

Hacienda Beer Co Soul Memory (88)

“Our nontraditional black lager with a super pronounced roast profile.”

Triptych Brewing Loreni (88)

“Single decoction, Prostejov malted barley, Czech Saaz and Frisinga, TUM 34/70 yeast.”

Breakside Brewery & Taproom Unbearable Lightness (88)

“Světlé Výčepní Pivo ... could also be described as a ‘session Bohemian pilsner.’”

WeldWerks Chai Baltic Porter (88)

“A Baltic porter brewed with black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and anise. This is our first Baltic porter, which we lagered (of course) to provide a crisp, clean base beer for showcasing the complex spice profile.”

Reuben's Brews Pilsner (88)

“Clean, crisp, and bright lager with bready malt notes. Floral and spicy hops are balanced with a hint of sweetness.”

Aurora Ale & Lager Dark Ascent (89)

Imperial black lager. We utilized a hint of German smoked malt for a subtle smokey layer, then added maple syrup in the secondary.

Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Shipping Out of Boston (89)

Built with local ingredients. A malty sweet and lightly hoppy amber lager. 

Wild Provisions Beer Project 14°P Czech-Style Dark Lager (89)

Dark malt breadiness balanced with subtle dark-fruit flavors and a slight spiciness from the Saaz hop.

Jack's Abby House Lager (2019) (89)

"What the Helles is a Landbier? Ours is sweet and golden with a full malty body, inspired by the country lagers of Bavaria."

Two Roads Brewing Co. Cruise Control Helles Lager (2019) (89)

"Malt-forward in character, exhibiting bready grain aromas and herbal hops character with a subtle bitterness and a hint of sweetness."

Great Divide Brewing Lager (89)

“A blend of Noble and New World hops along with German malts and a traditional lager yeast create a crisp, refreshing, and easy-drinking beer.”

Ghostfish Brewing Company Märzen Attacks - Märzen Style Lager (89)

“Millet and buckwheat malts, Perle hops added at 60, Tettnang and Hallertauer hops.”

Indio Brewing Co Indio Vienna Lager (89)

“This dark amber-colored lager is crisp, toasty, bready, with a sweet finish.”

Lawson's Finest Liquids Aged Winter Lager (89)

“Dark lager … finished with juniper berries, spruce tips. Aged in WhistlePig Rye Whiskey barrels.”

Wibby Brewing Volksbier (89)

“The people’s lager!” We used all German ingredients for this mild, amber, malty beer. 

Bill's Brewing Company Bizness In The Front (89)

Citra- and Simcoe-hopped hoppy pilsner.

Kros Strain Brewing Company Helles Creek (89)

Easy-drinking German-style lager with light malt sweetness and no bitterness.

Dust Bowl Brewing Hobo Pilsner (2019) (89)

"This German-style Pilsner uses Pilsner malt along with Magnum and Hallertau hops to create a light-flavored, crisp, hoppy lager."

Urban Chestnut Brewing Stammtisch (89)

“Our crisp and dry golden straw–colored pilsner has a pronounced herbal and spicy hop aroma.”

Sketchbook Brewing Amistosa (89)

“Light-bodied and refreshing, with subtle sweetness from flaked maíz and a hint of citrus from Sorachi Ace hops.”

Fonta Flora Brewery The Pearl (89)

“Pilsner- style lager beer brewed with oyster shells and salt.”

Sideward Brewing Co Dust (89)

“Dank, citrusy, crisp, and crushable. Chinook hop oil, Citra, Azacca, and Idaho 7 Cryo.”

New Belgium Brewing 1554 (89)

“A surprisingly bright taste and a dry, chocolaty finish—one evocative of dark brews enjoyed in Belgian taverns 500 years ago. Not a porter, not a stout—it’s 1554.”

Loaded Question Brewing Co. Hochzeit Bier (89)

Classic, dry Octoberfest with a big bready character and a light hop aroma.

Cellarest Beer Project Mangata (89)

“Fermented in our acacia foeder and then rested for four months in … oak puncheons.”

Fly Llama Brewing Dunkel Chasing Waterfalls (89)

“Dark lager with notes of toasted bread and chocolate.”

East Brother Beer Company Red Lager (90)

Vienna-style amber with a biscuity malt presence. Clean, crisp, familiar.

Moksa Brewing Rocklin Lager (90)

"Rocklin Lager is a Czech-style Pilsner layered with European malts and hops. We also added a small dry hop of Czech Saaz hops for a little extra flavor."

Rosenstadt Brewery LLC Lager (90)

“Traditional German-style lager featuring spicy, delicate Noble hops and a rich, bready malt character.”

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Big Daddy IPA (90)

“A generously dry-hopped yet drinkable American-style IPA. The beer is a golden straw color with tight carbonation and a slightly off-white head that leaves a lovely lacing. The aroma is floral, fresh grass, pine needles, grapefruit, and some subtle notes of fresh bread.”

Wayfinder Beer Hidden Hand Black Lager (90)

“Subtle roasted malts and light caramel notes leave a deeply satisfying mouthfeel.”

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Buchenrauch (90)

Rauchbier, brewed with beechwood-smoked barley.

Idle Hands Craft Ales Helga (90)

Helga is our representation of the classic rauchbiers of Bamberg, but with an added twist from the use of cherrywood-smoked malt.

Central Standard Brewing Gamma Squeeze (90)

Brewed with European pilsner malt, malted wheat, and toasted oats, fermented cool with our house lager yeast, and dry hopped to the moon with Nelson Sauvin and Grüngeist.

Perennial Artisan Ales Pharmacy (90)

This beer reminds us of our favorite watering holes, cool days in August, and Bavarian chocolate chip raisin cookies.

Left Hand Brewing Company 1265 Pilsner (90)

Crisp and lively, with delicate citrus hops and light bready malts.

Live Oak Brewing Pilz (90)

['"A classic Bohemian-style golden lager, decoction-mashed with a single heirloom', 'variety Moravian malt. Premium Saaz hops combine to produce a clean, crisp Pilsner."']

Perennial Artisan Ales Pils (90)

"Pils is our dry-hopped, unfiltered lager. Spicy noble hops character over sweet Pilsner malt. Pepper, lemon ice, black tea."

Melvin Brewing Pilsgnar (90)

"This beer will let you receive liquid happiness after a day of going full send."

Highland Park Brewery Fill Pils (90)

“Extra-crisp German pils using traditional German hops and a pilsner malt base.”

BlackStack Brewing Fugazi (90)

“Brewed with German extra-pale pils malt and dry hopped adoringly with Czech Kazbek.”

Resident Culture Brewing There Is No Light (90)

“Our take on a traditional German black lager.”

Epic Brewing Yelling At Clouds COLD IPA (90)

“Cold fermented IPA brewed with Idaho 7, Simcoe, and Sabro hops.”

King Harbor Brewing Co Fore Right! (90)

“A beer for those who love golf but are bad at it. Simple malt base for Idaho 7, Citra, and Rakau to shine.”

Chuckanut Brewery Chuckanut Grodziskie (90)

A low-alcohol, highly carbonated, refreshingly light-bodied wheat lager, with an oak-smoke flavor melded with a clean hop bitterness.

Revelry Brewing Co. Up Shem Creek (90)

“Classic pilsner base with New World hops throughout.”

Melvin Brewing Eureka (House of Flying Barrels) Zim Sen (90)

“Baltic porter lagered in Weller bourbon barrels for 14 months.”

Berthoud Brewing Company Devil's Dunkel (90)

 “Pairs the dark-chocolate malty sweetness of a stout or a porter with the smooth drinkability of a lager.”

Uhl’s Brewing Co Lager Down (91)

A Boulder-style sessionable pale lager with Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado.

Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Pride and Parquet (91)

With this beer we set out to show that when two Boston Legends team up, anything Is possible.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder Gold Lager (91)

A classic balance of sweet malt and dry hop flavors.

Outer Range Brewing Co Hirschgarten Helles Lager (91)

“Traditional Munich helles with notes of graham cracker and honey.”

Jack's Abbey Craft Lagers Vanilla Barrel Aged Framminghammer (91)

“Aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans. The lengthy conditioning period in the barrels creates a silky smooth chocolaty mouth feel enhanced by the use of oats and brown sugar. Noticeable sweetness gets balanced by roasted malt and hops bitterness. Additional flavors include bourbon, vanilla, and oak.”

Mickey Finns Brewery Libertyville Lager (91)

“Cracker malt, lightly hoppy, slight fruity yeast character.”

Commonhouse Aleworks White Point Lager (91)

“Crisp and refreshing American-style craft lager. Flavors: smooth sweetness, light grain, hints of cut wood.”

WeldWerks Brewing Co. Long Bones Mexican Lager (91)

“Mexican-style lager brewed with pilsner malt and flaked maize.”

Dovetail Brewery Rauch Doppelbock (91)

A strong version of our Rauchbier, to warm your heart a little more. Chocolatey-er, Smokier, Bock-ier.

Pinthouse Pizza Future Talk (91)

A crisp and quenching modern American pilsner dry hopped with hand-selected Amarillo and Loral.

Girdwood Brewing Company Crow Creek Gold (91)

A contemporary pilsner, hopped and dry hopped w/ Motueka.

Westbound & Down Brewing Company Westbound Italian Pils (91)

A bright, floral hop aroma meets crisp, crushable pils from the use of Hallertauer Blanc, Saphir, and Saaz, with Italian-grown pilsner malt.

Common Space Brewery Fresh Pils of LA (91)

Grist: Weyermann Premium Pilsner. Hops: German Magnum, Kazbek, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Yeast: German Lager 34/70.

Blackberry Farm Brewery BFB Pilsner (91)

"A classic Pilsner brewed with Tennessee-grown 2-row Violetta malt."

Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner (91)

"Pivo Pils offers balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest and lemongrass notes from dry hopping with German Saphir hops."

Live Oak Brewing Gold (91)

['"North German', 'style Pilsner brewed with generous additions of Hallertau noble hops. The German lager yeast and lengthy secondary conditioning produce a crisp, bright, and very clean beer."']

Drake's Brewing Co. Flyway Pils (91)

“A North German–style pilsner made with premium pilsner malt, flaked maize, and a Noble-style American hop called Vanguard.”

Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. Frisches Bier (91)

“Young Bohemian pilsner brewed with Czech Saaz hops.”

St Elmo Brewing Urkel (91)

“This beer is all about simple, quality ingredients.”

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery Cashmere Pulaski (91)

“German pilsner base, dry-hopped with Michigan-grown Cashmere and a blend of Noble hops.”

Sonder Brewing Co. Rally Cap (91)

“Grainy maltiness with a moderate floral hop bitterness.”

Idle Hands Craft Ales Weinlager (91)

“If Germany and Napa Valley had a love child, this would be it.”

Cerebral Brewing Inhabited Form (91)

“Dry-hopped oat lager with notes of dried kiwi, lime zest, and honeydew melon.”

Radiant Beer Co Little Presents (91)

“Subtle notes of crackery aroma and hints of spicy, citrusy hops. Brewed with a touch of rice.”

Hardywood Baltic Sunrise (91)

“Hardywood Baltic Sunrise is conditioned on locally roasted coffee beans from Black Hand Coffee Company in Richmond, Virginia. Our Baltic porter is an invigorating, full-bodied lager with a bold aroma of freshly brewed coffee preceding notes of bittersweet chocolate, hints of dark cherry, and a malty smooth finish.”

KC Bier Co. Winterbock (91)

“Winterbock is a full-bodied, dark doppelbock-style lager with rich malt flavors of chocolate and caramel with hints of coffee, low bitterness, and a satisfying smooth finish. The flavor contributions of time-honored methods were recognized with a silver medal in the German-Style Doppelbock category at the 2018 World Beer Cup.”

Hoppin' Frog Brewing Karminator Imperial Dopplebock (91)

“Extremely rich and malty German-style lager.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Lager (92)

Crisp and refreshing. A soft mouthfeel with bready malt notes and a whisper of German hop bitterness.

Three Taverns Brewery Ukiyo Premium Lager Beer (92)

“Japanese-inspired rice lager … jasmine green tea produces sweet floral notes.”

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Classic City Lager (92)

“A clean, crisp, and easy-drinking lager.”

Live Oak Brewing Co Big Bark Amber Lager (92)

“Boasting earthy undertones and complex malt character with a subtle hop nuance.”

New Anthem Beer Project Dance Floor Heater (92)

German pils malt and Motueka hops. Clean, somewhat bitter, with just a hint of New Zealand fruitiness.

Roadmap Brewing Co Late Night Polka Party (92)

This German-style lager lets the malts shine—hints of nuttiness lead to a nice, clean, crisp finish.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Pivo (92)

Floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and lemongrass notes from German Saphir hops.

Mikerphone Brewing Flip The Switch (92)

Imperial Czech-style dark lager. 

Revelry Brewing Co. Glorious Bastard (92)

Assertively hoppy Czech-style pilsner. Clean, crisp, and refreshing for consuming en masse.

Utepils Brewing Co Helles (92)

Brilliant and golden, this lager is the epitome of elegant simplicity and everyday drinkability.

Roaring Table Brewing Roaring Table Helles (92)

Brewed with Barke Pilsner malt, Mittelfrüh, and Tettnanger.

Offshoot Beer (The Bruery) Unwind (You Earned This Hoppy Pils) (92)

Decompress and take it easy with Unwind, a casually-crushable hoppy pilsner brewed with Citra, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, and Sterling hops.

Our Mutual Friend Brewing The Fizz (92)

100 percent Colorado-ingredient keller-pils.

Wheatland Spring Brewery East Crib (92)

A celebration of East Coast craft maltsters. A song to these unsung heroes responsible for the foundation of craft beer.

Chuckanut Brewery Chuckanut Italian Style Pilsner (92)

Dry hopped with Noble hops while still maintaining its elegance and German roots.

The Brewer's Table Theseus (92)

"Pale lager. Coolship. Hallertau Blanc and Cascade hops."

Sweetwater Brewery Guide Beer (92)

Guide Beer is a lager—crisp, refreshing.

Highland Park Brewery Thunderbolt Gold (92)

“Traditional German-style lager. Clean and drinkable with a crisp, slightly toasty malt finish.”

Wayfinder Beer Hell (92)

“Crisp, light, refreshing, brilliantly effervescent with a floral, Noble-hop aroma.”

Stone Brewing Buenaveza (92)

“Crisp, clean, refreshing Mexican-style lager that quenches thirsts, while gratifying taste buds.”

Sun King Brewery Pachanga (92)

“Mexican- style lager with a crisp malt flavor and thirst-quenching character.”

Highland Park Brewery New View (92)

“Slightly hazy … notes of citrus, piña colada, candied lime, and tropical fruit.”

Blackberry Farm Brewery Inception (92)

“Brewed like an American IPA and fermented and matured like a lager … the best of both worlds.”

Cerebral Brewing Push Notification (92)

“Foeder cold IPA using El Dorado, Centennial, Citra, and HBC 586 hops.”

BarrieHaus Beer Co. Ice Works Cold IPA (92)

“Citra, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops. Made with our Haus lager yeast and fermented at traditional ale temps.”

Jack's Abby Red Tape (92)

“Red Tape Lager has a full malty flavor typical of Bavarian dark lagers. Cold fermented in the 40s and lagered at freezing. A traditional spunding process allowed for 100 percent natural carbonation.”

Jack's Abby Smoke & Dagger (92)

“Cloaked in mystery, this black lager is brewed with traditional Old World ingredients and cutting-edge lagering techniques. The perfect balance between old and new.”

Roadmap Brewing Co Penguin Suit (92)

“Light in body with notes of graham cracker and a wonderful roasted flavor.”

Burgeon Beer Company Invita (92)

“Malt-forward with a hint of corn sweetness. Minimal, yet balanced hop character.”

Green Bench Brewing Co Up In Smoke (92)

“Decocted lager brewed entirely with imported smoked malt and Hallertau Tradition hops.”

TRVE Brewing Co Strange Gateways (92)

“Black lager brewed with Troubadour Serenade, Blue Ballad, Mod 300, and Rootshoot Pilsner.”

Live Oak Brewing Co Dark (92)

“Dark Bohemian malt, Saaz hops, and Czech lager yeast.”

KC Bier Co. Dunkel (92)

['“The German word for ‘dark', '’ dunkel is a traditional brown lager that was the most widely drunk beer in Bavaria at the turn of the twentieth century. Dunkel is a full-bodied Munich-style brown lager with low bitterness and rich malt flavors of caramel and toasted bread crust.”']

Top Rung Brewing Company Winter Lager (93)

Made using malt exclusively from our friends at Mecca Grade Estate Malting, creating what we call a PNW-style doppelbock.

Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Sunny Ridge Pilsner (93)

“This aromatic lager features a sunshine hue, herbal Noble-hop nose, and a dry finish.”

Two Roads Brewing Co. Cruise Control Helles Lager (2020) (93)

“An effortlessly refreshing golden lager built for kicking back and taking it easy.”

COVA Brewing Company COVA Lager (93)

“Helles-style lager—as easy drinking as you want, but plenty of rich malt complexity.”

Aurora Ale & Lager Stay Out of Malibu! (93)

“Fruited Berliner weisse with milk sugar; steeped with cardamom, Earl Grey tea, and pomegranate.”

Pure Project In Search of Balance (93)

This unfiltered pilsner is built on German Weyermann Barke Pilsner malt and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Wai-iti hops from New Zealand.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Wheelhouse (93)

Rich, dark, and roasty; lagered for six weeks before release.

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. Castling (93)

Collaboration with Bierstadt Lagerhaus. The perfect beer to sip around the campfire on a cool Texas (or Colorado) evening.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company Bale Breaker Pilsner (93)

A crisp, classic Pilsner that carefully balances malt and hops, with notes of breakfast cereal, floral, citrus, and berry.

Resident Culture Radical Empathy (93)

German-style pilsner hopped with Hallertau Mittlefrüh, Hallertau Blanc, and Tettnang.

Elsewhere Brewing Company Carouse (93)

German yeast and malt with 100 percent Saaz hops.

Arches Brewing Heritage Helles (93)

Pale gold German lager with a bready and grainy malt character that starts in the aroma and lasts all the way through the finish.

Pinthouse Pizza Magical Pils (93)

German-style keller-pils brewed with heirloom pilsner malt and Loral hops.

Atlanta Brewing Company Homestand (93)

"Strikes a balance between the light grainy character of Southeastern 6-row Pilsner malt and classic Northwest American hops."

Surly Brewing Co Hell (93)

"A pale-gold lager with bready malt and floral hops aromas and flavors."

Highland Brewing Co. Pilsner (93)

“A nuanced pilsner featuring German Hallertau Blanc hops and three other Hallertau-region varietals.”

Hop Butcher For the World Folletto (93)

“Perle-, Select-, Tettnang-, and Saphir-hopped Italian-style pilsner.”

Castle Island Brewing Co. Strange Arrangement (93)

“Blends the clean, crisp feel of a lager with bold notes of fruity citrus.”

Port City Brewing Schwarzbier (93)

"Deftly marries a bitterness-free roastiness with a light, crisp lager body."

Switchback Brewing Co. Flynn on Fire: Gates of Helles (93)

“A soft touch on the smoke complements this helles-style lager.”

Deschutes/Bell's Schwarzbier (93)

“This full-flavored dark lager has some incredible roasty, toasty, nutty, and chocolate notes. Perfect for the time of year when the weather is starting to cool a bit. Enjoy!”

Heavy Seas Schnee Boot (93)

“The strongest beer that we’ve ever created, Schnee Boot is dark, malty, and roasty with hints of cocoa, vanilla, and dark fruits. This beast of a lager gets additional complexity from bourbon-barrel aging.”

Single Hill Brewing Company Flight Cancelled (93)

“This copper lager tastes of well-baked biscuits with a hint of toffee.”

Wibby Moondoor Dunkel (93)

“Supple and crisp, this delectable dark lager has a medium body, which starts with a chocolate roast and ends with ordering it again.”

Wibby Double Dunkel (93)

“One of our most popular seasonals, Double Dunkel is an imperial dunkel brewed with lots of chocolate malt and cacao nibs. We lager it on Madagascar vanilla beans. This is a highly drinkable, slightly dangerous lager that is smooth and has a nice crisp lager finish.”

Dust Bowl Brewing Public Enemy (93)

“Lager yeast makes this big dark beer extremely smooth and chocolaty. It lacks the roast bitterness of a stout but has layers of chocolate, coffee, caramel, perhaps toffee, and a wine-like finish.”

Jack's Abby Framinghammer (93)

“Big, bold, and black. This unusual lager style has many similarities to imperial stouts. A lengthy conditioning period creates a silky-smooth chocolaty mouthfeel enhanced by the use of oats and brown sugar. Noticeable sweetness gets balanced by roasted malt and hops bitterness.”

Art History Brewing Inc Levitáce (93)

“10° Plato Czech pale lager.”

4 Noses Brewing Company Foeder Helles (93)

“The newest lager to come out of our oak foeder.”

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Black Lager (94)

This lager might be black, but it drinks like your favorite light-colored beer: smooth, sessionable, crisp, and clean.

Enegren Brewing Lagertha (94)

"Lagertha is our take on a classic Czech-style Pilsner. Brewed with traditional European ingredients plus American Mosaic Hops, this is a hoppy twist on a classic style."

Drake's Brewing Co. Crispy Boi Lager (94)

“Hopped with a combination of Chinook, Mosaic, and German Amarillo for an aroma redolent of bright citrus, stone fruit, and pine.”

Silver City Brewery Oktoberfest Lager (94)

“Presents rich malty sweetness, and spicy hop character.”

Burial Beer Co Fade Dark Lager (94)

“A delicate array of caramel grains, pourover coffee, and honey-drizzled toast.”

Burial Beer Co Ulfbehrt Foudre-Aged Baltic Porter (94)

Forged from German and British malts and traditionally lagered in our American oak foeder, our Baltic porter is made with respect for those that came before it.

Burial Beer Co Dark (94)

Inspired by Northern brewing traditions, using German barley and hopped mildly with Bohemian hops.

Flatland Brewing Company Original Recipe (94)

A clean, snappy, pilsner-style lager with American Sterling hops.

Live Oak Brewing Co Gold (94)

Live Oak Gold is a North German–style pilsner brewed with generous additions of Hallertau Noble hops.

12 West Brewing Company Zona Pilsner (94)

Our pilsner is light, crisp, and refreshing, for those hot days or night in the desert.

Seedstock Brewery Czech Pilsner (94)

Straw-yellow in color with thick white head. Complex and distinct pilsner aroma. Balanced bitterness with a clean, dry finish.

Mason's Brewing Company El Diablo (94)

Mexican-style lager brewed with corn. Bright in body, clean and crisp. Aromas of light corn and lemongrass.

The Lost Abbey Noble Tendencies (94)

A traditional Czech-style Pilsner.

Jack's Abby Brewing Saxonator (94)

A dark strong interpretation of a double bock. Full bodied with a raisiny, dark fruit, slightly roasted and chewy malt character. Lagered for two months, a smooth malt character balances the high ABV of this strong beer. Brewed with Massachusetts grain.

Burial Beer Ritual Anonymity (94)

Modern American Pils, concocted of Pils foundation and primary fermentation, with the youth and boldness of American IPA."

Creature Comforts Brewing Bibo (94)

"Bibo is a crisp, dry, and classic Pilsner. A distinct Continental hops flavor and aroma create a well-balanced and tastefully crafted brew."

Enegren Brewing The Lightest One (94)

"The Lightest One is a German-style helles lager. Helles, German for bright, is a crisp, clean, German lager with a touch of hops."

New Realm Brewing Co. Euphonia (94)

“Brewed with German pilsner malt and hopped with Hersbrucker, Huell Melon, Saphir, and Sterling added late in the boil and whirlpool.”

pFriem Family Brewers Pilsner (94)

"Aromas of fresh grass, spring flowers, a touch of lemon zest. The mouth fills with zesty spiciness, a touch of honey, and finishes crisp, snappy, and refreshing."

Squatters Pub Brewery Brilliant Bier (94)

“Classic light-bodied German-style pilsner with sweet malt, Noble German hops that offer a spicy and floral aroma, and a bright flavor.”

Oskar Blues Brewery Mama’s Little Yella Pils (94)

“A crisp, gently hopped, and crushable craft pilsner built with pilsner and honey malt, then hopped with Saaz and Aramis hops.”

Amalgam, Cannonball Creek & HPB Down By Law (94)

“Floral aroma is balanced by subtle notes of lemon and spice. Crisp, dry finish with a pleasant hop bitterness.”

Wayfinder Beer Export 66 (94)

“A stronger version of our classic Hell but made with richer malts, alt- und neu-Bavarian hops, and a proprietary lager yeast.”

10 Torr Distilling & Brewing Secret Cove Cerveza (94)

“Named for Tahoe’s best-kept secret, this Mexican-style lager is best served ice cold on the beach, naked—that is, without a lime. It doesn’t need one.”

Sweet Water Brewery 420 Strain: Insane OG (94)

“Insane OG Mexican Lager emulates the Insane OG cannabis strain, sweet notes below a dank piney aroma. The Mexican lager base is dry with a sweet caramel note. According to B-Real, it ‘smells like you’re drinking a bag of weed.’”

Burial Beer Co. Pitiless Indifference (94)

“Hopped exclusively with Saaz and aged for seven weeks in our American oak foudre.”

Creature Comforts The Silent World (94)

“The Silent World is a highly drinkable black lager with malt-forward flavors, which include caramel and toasted bread, as well as a classic noble-hops flavor from the German hops.”

Fiction Beer Alternate Present (94)

“Flavors of chocolate with a bit of roasted marshmallows up front, a slight fruity ester note in the middle, then fading to a clean malty finish. Despite the color, it’s a sessionable beer. Chalk additions add a lingering mineral flavor that enhances the perception of malt flavor and aroma.”

Cerebral Brewing Character Reference (94)

“Vienna-style foeder lager with notes of mānuka honey, biscotti, rooibos tea.”

Drowned Lands Brewery Soir (94)

“Foeder- fermented black lager.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House No Wooden Shoes (94)

“Based on a 1939 Heineken Donkerbier that Ron Pattinson discovered in his research.”

Perrin Brewing Black Goat (94)

“Kicking its way out of fresh bourbon barrels, this high-gravity double black lager was laid down and aged for several months before coming to life. A bold sweet vanilla-bean aroma rises from the nose, followed by flavors of complex dark chocolate and ripened stone fruit. This lively lager finishes with a charred oak character and a smooth, warm caramel bourbon flavor.”

Resident Culture Cold Comfort (94)

“Baltic porter lagered in Henry McKenna bourbon barrels. Collaboration with Bottle Logic.”

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company Shifty (94)

“Pale German lager brewed with Hallertau Mittelfruh and Tettnanger.”

pFriem Family Brewers Vienna Lager (95)

Aromas of toasted bread and toffee, and notes of caramel and nuts. Finishes crisp with a touch of sweetness.

MadTree Brewing Legendary Lager (95)

Balances the line between a craft pilsner and macro American lager.

Twin Barn Brewing Company Longridge Lager (95)

Traditional Czech-style pilsner brewed with floor-malted pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops. Earthy, spicy, and crisp.

Firestone Walker Firestone Lager (2019) (95)

"A flavorful craft beer that's uniquely easy to drink for those who finally want a better lager. Impossibly smooth and refreshing. In the words of Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, "Firestone Lager is all about enjoying a good, clean beer."

O'Connor Brewing Proper Lager (95)

"Crisp. Clean. Proper. This helles-style lager showcases a brilliant golden hue and exceptional clarity. Balanced yet complex characters lend a malty sweetness. Finishes with a subtle, fruity, and floral hops bouquet that is sure to complement all occasions."

Full Sail Brewing Co. Session Premium Lager (95)

“A classic all-malt lager that’s crisp, smooth, and refreshing. Plenty of flavor that goes down clean and smooth.”

Brown Truck Brewery #10 American Light Lager (95)

“Unfiltered, light lager made with German ingredients and lagered extensively.”

Brix Brewery & Taphouse Greeley Nights (95)

Aromas of toasted bread, notes of nutty dark chocolate with a dry herbal finish.

Revelry Brewing Co. Up Sh*m Creek IPL (95)

Dry-hopped lager with loads of citrus hops to provide a beautifully crisp and aromatic beer.

Rockwell Beer Company Stand By (95)

Unfiltered pilsner hopped in the kettle and fermentor with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Hersbrucker and lagered for seven weeks.

Cerebral Brewing Cryptic Message (95)

Foeder-fermented schwarzbier brewed with pilsner, Munich, Maris Otter, Caramunich, chocolate wheat malt, and Hersbrucker hops.

Rockwell Beer Company Kazimierz (95)

Strong, smooth porter fermented cold for a month in stainless before lagering for an additional four months in a Missouri white oak lager foeder.

Incendiary Brewing Company Baltic Porter (95)

Complex Baltic porter exhibiting chocolate and light coffee notes.

12 West Brewing Company Stratadactyl (95)

Hoppy lager with Strata hops.

Alma Mader Brewing Contextual (95)

Layers of malt flavor: toasted granola, dried dates, caraway, iced coffee. Fermented clean and cool. 

Westbound & Down Brewing Company The Coloradan (95)

Brewed with South of the Border lager yeast, flaked maize, and German Hallertau hops.

Great Notion Brewing NW Puffery (95)

This batch was brewed with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops, pilsner malt, and a touch of light Munich malt.

Chapman Crafted Pils (95)

"The appearance of this classic Pils is light straw with crystal-clear clarity. Noble hops provide a hint of spice in the aromatics as well as a quick burst of hops flavor on the palate. The soft mouthfeel is followed by a crisp, clean, and refreshing finish."

Brewery Bhavana Brisk (95)

“Our version sets itself apart with two important distinctions: it’s hopped with Crystal for a nuanced aroma and has just a touch of oats to build its body.”

Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. Helles Gamed (95)

“Munich- style helles brewed with Tettnang hops.”

Switchback Brewing Co. Karsten (95)

“Unfiltered, 100 percent naturally carbonated. Lagered six weeks for the ultimate clean, crisp taste.”

Urban Chestnut Brewing Zwickel (95)

“Bready maltiness is balanced by a light spicy hop aroma and smooth finish.”

Roadmap Brewing Co Alright, Alright, Alright (95)

Crisp, clean and subtle pilsner sweetness. This light lager is a crisp and refreshing beer that you can pound back all night.

Three Creeks Brewing Co Tres Arroyos Mexican Lager (96)

Pilsner malt and Saaz hops create a clean, crisp, and refreshing lager, while traditional flaked maize adds just a touch of sweetness.

St Elmo Brewing Maturon Smoked Lager (96)

“Where clean meets weird. Smoked Texas malt, juniper, lager yeast.”

BarrieHaus Beer Co. Tampa Export German-style Gold Lager (96)

“German export lager … Full-bodied and super smooth.”

Bierstadt Lagerhaus Oktoberfest (96)

“Oktoberfest märzen.”

American Solera Western Vibes (96)

Lager aged in American oak foeders for three months.

Breakside Brewery Breakside Pilsner (96)

Traditional German-style lager with clean bitterness. Very light, crisp, and refreshing.

Service Brewing Company Rally Point Pilsner (96)

Bohemian-style pilsner with sweet biscuit and floral notes. Czech Saaz hops provide a pleasant note of spice with a clean, crisp finish.

Denizens Brewing Company Born Bohemian (96)

Light toasty malt flavors are complemented by a floral and spicy hop character throughout, making for a balanced and refreshing beer.

Brick West Brewing Company Brick West Czech Pilsener (96)

Balanced bitterness, a smooth and creamy malt texture, and a floral/spicy hop presence.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co 805 Cerveza (96)

Cerveza is a premium lager with a touch of lime, making this a great-tasting beer. Crisp, clean, dry, and approachable.

Modern Times - The Belmont Fermentorium Foamer Pils (96)

A pilsner with Barke and Gambrinus pilsner malts and a blend of Tettnang and Saaz hops.

Alvarado Street Brewery Palio (96)

"Fresh noble-hops aroma: floral, tea-like, a little spicy, and quite elegant."

St Elmo Brewing Umlaut (96)

“This beer is brewed so authentically, it isn’t even used in the English language.”

Alvarado Street Brewery Palio (96)

“An Italian- style pilsner; floral, tea-like, a little spicy and elegant, zippy bitterness, and crisp finish.”

Highland Park Brewery Timbo Pils (96)

“We took inspiration for this West Coast hoppy pilsner from both German pilsners and West Coast IPAs.”

Brick West Brewing Co. Ladder #4 Helles (96)

“A double-decoction mash heightens rich malt flavors and aromas of bread dough, crust, and light sweetness balanced by a soft bitterness and just a touch of sulfur.”

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Schwartz Bier (96)

“It’s a traditional Old World beer style and it’s a lager, so it takes time to make, but it also has roasted and toasted malt flavors. And while it’s light to medium in body, it’s black with a quick, crisp finish.”

MAP Brewing Company Party! (96)

“Our Mexican-style lager is everything you could want. A hint of corn on the aroma is part of what gives this beer it’s slight sweetness and is reminiscent of summertime and tacos on the beach, but the crisp, dry finish will leave you wanting more.”

New Anthem Beer Project Know Your Song Well (96)

“Floor- malted pils, chocolate rye, dehusked dark malts.”

Prost Brewing Kölsch (96)

“Ale or lager? How about the best of both worlds? Complex yet delicate, our Kölsch has a muted touch of fruit and an elegant, dry finish. The result: the most refreshing beer you could imagine. Prost!”

Samuel Adams Black Lager (97)

['“Literally translated as ‘black beer', '’ schwarzbier is one of the oldest and most traditional German beer styles. Dating back to around 800 BCE, this dark, roasty beer combines caramel and chocolate malt notes with a bright flavor and crisp finish.”']

Bierstadt Lagerhaus Livonia (97)

“Baltic porter. A collaboration with Amalgam.”

Dovetail Brewery Baltic-Style Porter (97)

Our darkest lager, capped by a large stand of cream-colored foam to showcase deep and rich malt aromas of milk chocolate, raisins, and restrained coffee roast.

King Harbor Brewing Co Topside Pilsner (97)

German-style pilsner brewed with heirloom malt and a blend of Tradition and Saphir hops.

Anchor Brewing Co. Crisp Pilsner (97)

Wave after wave of refreshment.

August Schell Brewing Keller Pils (97)

“A crisp, dry, unfiltered German-style pilsner with a moderate bitterness and fruity floral hop aroma.”

Incendiary Brewing Co. Ritual Pilsner (97)

“Our classic German-style pilsner featuring Tett and Saaz hops.”

Wayfinder Beer CZECH AF (97)

“Boiled Bohemian malt, heavily hopped with Saaz. Cold fermented and stored. Traditionally brewed and idyllic.”

Cellar West Artisan Ales Silver Stream (97)

“Unfiltered helles-style lager brewed with Barke malt and Spalt Select hops.”

Von Ebert Brewing Bohemian Dark Lager (98)

Continental dark lager with a rich mouthfeel and flavors of biscuit and chocolate-covered raisins.

SKA Brewing Mexican Style Lager Dark (98)

A dark lager—smooth and slightly malty-sweet. Balanced, mild hop-bitterness.

Dutchess Ales Ketzer Helles Lager (98)

Ketzer is brewed with German pilsner malt, just a kiss of Vienna and light Munich, and hopped with selected Perle, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, and Saphir hops.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Danish Red Lager (98)

“Our classic Vienna-style lager. Double-decocted, with all European malts and hops. This brew is smooth and comforting.”

Art History Brewing Inc Art History Fastenbier (98)

Franconian-style dark, smoked, Lenten lager.

Resident Culture Static God (98)

West Coast–style India pale lager hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Sustinator (98)

Traditional recipe using 85 percent Munich malts and a three-hour boil.

Modern Times - The Belmont Fermentorium Oracolo (98)

Italian-style pilsner with American-grown Super Saazer and Crystal with a touch of Hallertau Blanc.

Green Bench Brewing Co Postcard Pils (98)

Single-decoction American-style pilsner, brewed with German Barke Pilsner malt, corn, and U.S.-grown Mt. Hood hops.

Alma Mader Brewing Premiant (98)

Brewed with two varieties of Bohemian pilsner malt and Czech hops.

pFriem Family Brewers Pilsner (98)

pFriem Pilsner is as refreshing and flavorful as its European cousin.

Brick West Brewing Co. Brick West Pilsner (98)

“Showcases the finest German malt and hops, creating clean and bready malt flavors.”

Jack's Abby Post Shift (98)

"Brewed with Bavarian malt and hops, this everyday Pilsner is bright, crisp, and refreshing."

Russian River Brewing STS Pils (98)

"STS Pils is a classic European-style Pilsner. It is straw colored and often will have a slight haze due to the fact that it is unfiltered."

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils (2019) (98)

"A rich-with-flavor Pilsner built with pale malt, specialty malts, and Saaz hops."

Aslan Brewing Co. Coastal Pils (98)

“Brewed in similar fashion to the Northern German–style pilsner.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Welcome to LA (98)

“A laid-back West Coast lager … that’s crisp and refreshing with pronounced tropical fruit flavors.”

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company Schwarzenegger (98)

“Hints of dark chocolate and coffee with a light, dry finish.”

Prost Brewing Company Marzen (98)

“German-style Oktoberfest lager.”

Dock Street Brewery Bohemian Pilsner (98)

“A grist consisting solely of German pilsner malt is carefully decocted to produce a bright golden color and soft, nutty malt flavor. The wort is hopped frequently and exclusively with Czech Saaz hops, is fermented cool and slowly, and then lagered extensively.”

Moksa Brewing Live, Laugh, Lager (99)

“We visited Indie Hop Farms to select hops and chose a nice lot of Crystal. Earthy notes of citrus and spice meld with the heirloom pilsner malt. The name reminds us of our three daily necessities.”

Jack's Abby Craft Lagers Copper Legend (99)

“Celebrate Octoberfest with this malty, smooth, and exceedingly drinkable lager. Copper Legend is the perfect beer for creating legendary times with legendary people. Raise a can to honor today’s legends. Brewed with Noble hops. Prost!”

Phase Three Brewing P3 Dark Czech-Style Lager (99)

“A complex, well-rounded, and smooth dark lager built for winter consumption.”

Chuckanut Brewery Chuckanut Bohemian Style Pilsner (99)

Traditional Bohemian-style pilsner with Noble hop aroma, bright golden color, and white pillowy head.

Russian River Brewing Co - Santa Rosa STS Pils (99)

STS Pils is a hop-forward pilsner with a mild malt foundation, strong lager-yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish.

Foothills Brewing Torch Pilsner (99)

"True to the tradition of Bohemian Pilsner, delicate mouthfeel and rich full finish with subtle spicy notes from Czech Saaz hops."

Weihenstephaner Pilsner (99)

“Golden-yellow and bright Weihenstephaner Pilsner has a distinctive hop aroma, finishing clean with ample bitterness. This combination provides a uniquely hoppy Pilsner, which is enjoyable to a wide variety of beer drinkers. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill.”

Hop Butcher For the World Supreme Being (99)

“Saaz, Select, and Monroe-hopped pilsner.”

Green Man Brewery Sunseeker (99)

“An Italian-style keller pils. Made with a custom pilsner malt from Riverbend Malt House and hopped and dry hopped with Czech Saaz. Lagered for five weeks. Noble-hop spice and herbal flavors and aromas dominate with cracker and low biscuit notes supporting. Dry with a pronounced bitterness.”

Rockwell Beer Co. Static (99)

“Brewed with floor-malted Bohemian barley and hopped with Zuper Saazer from Michigan.”

Von Ebert Brewing Rauch Helles (99)

“We took our Helles recipe and mixed it up a little by adding malted barley that has been smoked with beech wood and cherry wood. Flavors of wood smoke and baked bread.”

North Park Beer Co. Birdie to Bogey (99)

“Built for ultimate crushability and loaded with Strata, Citra, and Mosaic hops, Birdie to Bogey California Pils is the perfect companion for your next round of bangin’ chains! Flavors of zesty lemony-lime citrus, red berries, and subtle pine makes this one an absolute delight to drink.”

pFriem Family Brewers Czech Dark Lager (100)

“Our Czech Dark Lager honors the popular Czech ‘dark beer’ with aromas of toffee and dates and notes of anise and caramel.”