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Critic's List: Jordanne Bryant’s Best of 2017

The Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® social media manager and Georgia native is an unabashed and unapologetic craft-beer fan girl, and her picks for best of the year showcase those Southern roots.

Jordanne Bryant Nov 14, 2017 - 8 min read

Critic's List: Jordanne Bryant’s Best of 2017 Primary Image

Top New Breweries

Scofflaw Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia): Say what you will about their PR tactics (not that they care), but Scofflaw Brewing celebrated a first anniversary mid-September 2017 with an all-day packed house. With flagships such as Basement IPA and a new barrel-aging program producing Georgia “whales” such as Vanilla Absentium, we can all safely assume Scofflaw is here to stay.

Outer Range Brewing (Frisco, Colorado): If I could pick a brewery to slide into at the bottom of a ski slope, it’s Outer Range Brewing—the Rocky Mountain brewery making serious waves at 9,000 feet. The modern rustic brewery and picturesque backdrop make visiting an experience all of its own, but beers such as In the Steep and Hydrologic make the trip that much more worth it. Who drinks New England–style IPAs after a ski run? I do, if they’re from Outer Range.

American Solera (Tulsa, Oklahoma): With a resume like his, Chase Healey doesn’t need the accolades per se, but he deserves them. The two years he’s put into American Solera have proven fruitful with wild ales such as Foeder Cerise and Gold. When I see a bottle in a shop, I buy it, and when I see his table at a festival, I head toward it without hesitation. Expect great things from this new project.

Most Underrated Regional or National Brewery

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