Podcast Episode 267: GABF Gold! Roadmap and Precarious Share Their Approaches to Gold Medal–Winning Pilsner and Cold IPA

Two pros share insights into their gold medal–winning beers: an international-style pilsner brewed on a single-infusion, two-vessel system, and a cold IPA with a “cool pool,” dry-hopped during active fermentation.

Jamie Bogner Oct 19, 2022 - 4 min read

Podcast Episode 267: GABF Gold! Roadmap and Precarious Share Their Approaches to Gold Medal–Winning Pilsner and Cold IPA Primary Image

Precarious Photo © Brewers Association

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In this special episode of the podcast, we’re combining interviews with two brewers who won gold medals at the recent Great American Beer Festival in Denver—Dustin Baker of Roadmap Brewing in San Antonio, and Adrian Garrett, head brewer at Precarious Beer Project in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Diving into Roadmap’s award-winning Alright, Alright, Alright pils, Baker discusses:

  • adjusting the malt bill to build in malt flavor, despite brewhouse limitations
  • brewing award-winning pilsner with a single-infusion mash
  • building appropriate sulfur character with Imperial’s Czech-derived L28 Urkel yeast
  • slowing down transfers to be gentle with the beer
  • and the importance of fresh ingredients.

Garrett, meanwhile, goes into the making of Precarious Polar Bears Toenails, including:

  • design inspiration for cold IPA
  • the flavor contribution of puffed jasmine rice
  • using a “cool pool” for smoother hop flavor and aroma notes
  • blending old and new with CTZ, Cascade, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops
  • overcoming hop creep with ALDC enzyme
  • dry-hop biotransformation with 34/70 yeast
  • the importance of packaging and transportation of competition beers

And more.

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