Podcast Episode 277: Randy Booth of Twin Barns Tells a Story with Belknap Pils in this Best in Beer 2022 Brewer’s Perspective

In the last of our special episodes that offer brewers’ insights into their Best in Beer 2022 winners, Twin Barns head brewer Randy Booth shares the process behind their top-scoring German-style pilsner.

Jamie Bogner Dec 1, 2022 - 4 min read

Podcast Episode 277: Randy Booth of Twin Barns Tells a Story with Belknap Pils in this Best in Beer 2022 Brewer’s Perspective Primary Image

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It’s possible to make great lagers with a single-infusion mash and cylindroconical fermenters—just ask former sportswriter turned brewer Randy Booth. At the taproom-focused Twin Barns brewery, on the shores of vacation destination Lake Winnipesaukee, he’s used the quieter winter season for the time and tank space to hone their lager program. The result earlier this year was a blind-review panel score of 99 for the German-style Belknap Pils, which earned it a spot on our Best 20 Beers in 2022.

In this episode, Booth shares his lager brewing process. It’s nothing fancy or especially complex, but it focuses instead on coaxing the best from high-quality ingredients. Along the way, he discusses:

  • rebalancing Saaz and Hallertauer in the boil and whirlpool to achieve the right aroma and flavor
  • mashing low for dryness
  • producing clear, high-quality wort through a longer vorlauf step
  • splitting the hop additions between a mid-boil and whirlpool addition
  • tasting, evaluating, and taking notes through the entire lifespan of the beer on draft, from the first kegs to the last
  • differentiating pilsner styles
  • taking beers from good to great
  • working with craft malt
  • telling a compelling story through beer

And more.

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