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Recipe: 12 West Radial Spines

From 12 West Brewing in Gilbert, Arizona, here’s a recipe for their Citra-Mosaic lager that scored a 98 with our blind-review panel and went on to become one of our Best 20 Beers in 2023.

Recipe: Incendiary Brown Porter

This is the recipe for one of several rotating porters that North Carolina’s Incendiary likes to make and keep on tap for its customers—but this is the one that took home gold from the 2023 World Beer Cup.

Recipe: De Garde Première with Spruce

From de Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon, head brewer Trevor Rogers shares this recipe for a spontaneously fermented beer flavored with foraged spruce tips—though the process is easily adapted for mixed-culture pitches or clean, single-strain fermentations.

Recipe: Bierstadt Helles

Bierstadt Lagerhaus cofounder and brewer Ashleigh Carer describes their Helles as “the purest expression of malt,” best consumed by the liter. While it may not get as much fanfare as their Slow Pour Pils, it’s equally beloved among the brewers drawn to Denver’s Bierstadt during the Great American Beer Festival—or any time of year.

Video Course: Brewing Historically Inspired Smoked Beers with Our Mutual Friend

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, outlines his approach to brewing historically inspired, highly drinkable, smoke-forward beers.

Recipe: Kleiner Hund Session IPA

Amarillo and Simcoe lead the way in this session IPA recipe from Josh Weikert’s Make Your Best series.

Recipe: Wandering Soul Future Life Pilsner

From founder Matthew Smith at Wandering Soul in Beverly, Massachusetts, comes this Czech-inspired pale lager that gets a generous late addition of Saaz hops. “The result is a crystal-clear, crisp pilsner that will have you contemplating who you will be in a future life.”

Recipe: Annie’s Olde Patterson 0600 Malt Liquor

This extract-based ode to American malt liquor—and to an old friend—gets appropriately large portions of adjuncts and enzyme to boost attenuation. Serve it cold!

Video Tip: Rice or Corn? Brewing with Adjuncts for Cold IPA

Body-lightening adjuncts are a key component of cold IPA. Here, Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer gets into the details of mashing and brewing with different forms of rice and corn, as well as the pros and cons of each ingredient.

Recipe: Allagash White

Originally inspired by the white beers of Pierre Celis, Allagash White has risen to become a widely recognized pillar of American craft as well as one of the most awarded beers in the genre—with a combined 14 Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals over the years.