Drew Beechum

Recipe: Little Ghost Saison

Try culturing up dregs from a favorite mixed-fermentation beer to brew this farmhouse ale, a balanced frame for funky depth.

Saison & Funk: A Plea For Moderation

Farmhouse brewing is a huge barn, with room for all sorts of creatures. How many of them, though, help you make really drinkable beer? Here, Drew Beechum lays out a path toward restraint.

Water: The Stuff of Life (and Beer)

Drew Beechum demystifies the chemistry, boiling water down to all you really need to know to make better beer.

Recipe: Triple Wish

Don’t think of this as a clone of Dupont’s Avec Les Bons Voeux—think of this as a beer inspired by it. It’s the right blend of earthy, hoppy, fruity, spicy, and dry, and it makes for sweet dreams.

Recipe: Overseas Stout

This is a beer that will make you want to hit the high seas, now with 100 percent less empire-building.

Hiding in the Middle: The Tradition of Foreign Export Stout

Whether African, Caribbean, or Belgian, foreign export stouts occupy the oft-overlooked middle ground between the smooth lows of dry Irish stout and the highs of alcoholic exuberance.

It’s Complicated: Trying to Brew Avec Les Bons Voeux

We bring you the sordid tale of a love triangle: One brewer, two beers, and a lot of feelings. C’est la vie.

Recipe: Extracting the Hazy IPA

This quick and tasty hazy IPA uses malted oats for a luscious body to support a ton of hop oils.

Bring On the Oats: Tips on Extract-Brewing Hazy IPA

For homebrewers who rely on malt extract, New England–style IPA is tricky thanks to a typical ingredient: oats. Here are solutions.

Lighter Than Helium Light Lager Recipe

Light American lager is the hardest “nothing of a beer” you will ever make. Here is a simplified version.