Evan Rail

Point of Pride: Brewing Paragon with Lervig’s Mike Murphy

An American brewer in Norway inspired by English flavors is producing some of Europe’s most sought-after barleywine, with a new blended vintage appearing once a year. Here, brewmaster Mike Murphy explains the philosophy behind Paragon and offers practical tips for brewing your own.

Tmavé Pivo: The Czech Republic’s Uncommon Dark Lager

Beautiful in the mug, rich on the palate, yet—when properly brewed—so easy to drink in quantity, Czech dark lager is a niche even in its home country. Writing from Prague, Evan Rail talks to the pros to understand the elements and methods that go into a great one.

Recipe: Pitelnost 12° Czech-Style Pale Lager

This recipe is inspired by one of our favorite pale lagers in Czechia: The Benedict Světlý Ležák 12° from Prague’s Břevnov Monastery Brewery.

Brewer’s Perspective: Brewing for Supreme Drinkability at Břevnov

In Prague, Evan Rail visits the Břevnovský Klášterní Pivovar Sv. Vojtěcha—aka the Břevnov Monastery Brewery, home of Benedict—to learn the secrets of “pitelnost,” essential to a great Czech pale lager.

Why Decoction Matters

Decoction is not an obsolete brewing technique. It’s one that can take you to other (richer) destinations… even a few you might not expect.

Beer Bars We Love in Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Prague

From the Love Handles department of our February-March 2020 issue, here are three favorite haunts (and here's to hoping they can all reopen again soon).