Heather Vandenengel

A Winter Delight: 24 Craft Beer and Soup Pairings

Have a hand at a soup made with craft beer, or try out one (or all) of six soup and craft-beer pairings.

New Year, New Craft Beers, New Looks

New beers are rolled out year-round, but with the arrival 2015, here’s a look at breweries who are on the verge of, or just finished up, large-scale rebranding or packaging efforts.

2014 Craft Beer Year in Review

Here is a look back at four big themes and stories of the last year for craft beer.

New Craft-Beer Lines Launching

Established breweries are expanding and adding more hops, funk, and sour to craft beer.

Craft Beer + Tourist Attraction = Happy Traveler

See the sights and enjoy a few craft beers to make your vacation perfect.

Introducing Whole Foods’ First In-House Brewery

Whole Foods’ first-ever in-store brewpub is now open for business and pouring pints.

Brewers Share Their Best At The Festival 2014

How do you choose what to drink in a room with more than 70 of the world’s best brewers?

On the Radar: New Craft Beer Releases and Returning Favorites

Add these new beer releases to your bottle-shop shopping list and stock up for the season ahead.

Bend, Oregon: Craft Beer and Outdoors Utopia

It doesn’t take long for anyone with the slightest interest in good craft beer and the great outdoors to fall head over hiking boots for Bend, Oregon.

Farmer Brewer Winter Weekend

Andrea and Christian Stanley malt between 5 and 6 tons of grain per week, between their 4-ton malting system and the floor malting operation.