John Carruthers

Cooking With Beer: Pizza Power

John Carruthers, the man behind Chicago pop-up Crust Fund Pizza (and communications manager at Revolution Brewing), maps out the path to getting as geeky about pies as you are about beer—and uncorks a few Belgian beers along the way.

Cooking with Beer: Spondue (& You)

In which we ride an unhealthy fascination with melted cheese to a wild-beer frontier ... because nobody’s ever thought to combine beer and cheese, right? (Well, maybe not like this.) Prepare yourselves for a new portmanteau.

Cooking With Beer: The Brewer, the Baker, the Sausage Maker

Bring spent grain to (after) life with these three recipes using your best brewing by-products.

Malts and Meats: Crafting Beer-Based Barbecue

Save some of your beer from the glass and use it for these sauces. The food fresh from your grill, as well as your guests, will thank you.

Making Saison-Infused Pizza at Home

The guys behind the Chicago-based MANBQUE offer up this Saison-flavored pizza that you can make at home. It's perfect to enjoy during the big game, or anytime that pizza craving strikes.